Happy New Year my loves, I wish you all a purpose filled year without any sorrow or mourning. This shall be your year of new dawn and havesting. 

I took a much needed break from blogging even instagramming. I honestly was loosing the vibe. I restrategised and finally I was able to come back even stronger. 

So this outfit was my take on NYE  party outfit. But I definitely found this look first week of the year worthy. What better way but to sparkle into the new year. 

My take on any outfit or look is generally modest yet chic. While everyone else is styling a sequin dress, of course I want some of those sparks and glitz. But over the years I’ve found a mini dress to not be my thing. Here’s my take; 

I paired this tuxedo black pant with this multi color crop top by @forever21. I love that it glows in the direction that you move. The stripe layers of the sequins was also a winning factor for me. 

                                      QUICK QUESTION???

WERE YOU A MINI SEQUINS DRESS GIRL THIS PAST HOLIDAY OR NOT (Share why you were or weren't in the comment section).

I definitely love a gorgeous pair of stilettos. This is a suede pump I love the fit perfectly. I cant tell you that its cut may not be the same as a pair of Christian Louboutin but they make a perfect for a classy and comfortably chic look.

                                            “How to make 2018 your year”

I honestly don’t have any new year resolutions, the only thing I want is to be a better version of my last years self. Am I on the right track? Yes!.

Every New Year brings its own challenges. So here are a few ways to make this year one to remember for good; 


• Hunger for more; Don’t just seat and expect everything to fall in place this year. Put in some effort from the start to finish of this year and you will be amazed. 

        •  Everyone’s doing the same thing; yup, you are right! Why not look for a refreshing angle and create something brand new. 

      •   Proclaim it; This is my absolute favorite. I always say it is whatever you say that comes to pass. Proclaim it and it will come to pass. 
  • Finally. challenge yourself to do something you never thought you would and surprise yourself by the end of the year.

A good stole or shawl is perfect for this weather. It would keep your neck warm and best part is it’s very fashion forward this season.

Thank you for stopping by today. Here's to wishing you an amazingly beautiful new year, with blessings overload.


Outfit Details
Top: Forever21
Pants; Oldie
Stole/Shawl: Ross dress for less
Bracelet; Charming Charlie
Wristwatch; Micheal Kors

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