Happy Monday loves!! The holiday is finally over but I can't wait till it's Christmas too.. seriously though who else is excited about Christmas already?

Today's post is my final review on the Warby Parker sunglasses home try-on program. On my instagram page I got a lot of your thoughts on these sunglasses from you all, which is why  I will be sharing my own thoughts on individual pieces.  Read more about Warby Parker in my previous post Here

First,  I want to start by saying I loved every sunglassses. Let's just say , I had some favorites. Find out my thoughts below. 

                 Dempsey by Warby Parker 
An absolute winner for me was Dempsey. It had everything about what I loved in a Sunglasses. Oversized and Clear lenses.  what's not to love? 
This pair gave me the cool lounge chic vibe.

                   Banks by Warby Parker 
Another gorgeously made pair. This was my second day of Try on . And errrr I wasn't really feeling it as much. Maybe this color was not for me. But this is a cool pair for one of you my readers. Hence, the home Try-on program was created to help you decide on which frames fits best. 

                      Tilley by Warby Parker 
Tilley! Tilley!Tilley based on my experience with the Banks pair I felt like Tilley would be the same, because they had similarities. The major difference is the cat eye cut and not so wide lenses that Tilley has. I loved this pair after I wore it!!! Talk about the champagne outer corners just perfect!! 

                     Tucker by Warby Parker
I'm not a fan of small sunglasses but I decided to try this out. I must confess I picked the right outfit for this look. The vibe was giving me life!! This sunnies really gave me a new dimension; when it comes to trying out something new!

                        Fisher by Warby Parker
Finally, another small framed pair. Doubted this would be my style but hey, I tried it and it really worked well for me. Love this pair very similar to tucker so my thoughts are pretty much the same. 

So guys if you are looking for one of the best sunglasses stores Warby Parker is the brand to purchase and wear. 

Which pair do you think fits me the most and which pair will you be ordering ? Shop sunglasses here

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