Happy Wednesday loves, With so much to be thankful about I have been very busy catching up with life and everything it has to offer. 

Recently, got back from Nashville Tennessee and getting back on my grove. I plan on spending time with my my family and loved ones. What have you planned out for thanksgiving loves? 

In today post, I’m sharing my love for the color navy. This monochromatic look was not just inspired by a trend but by my genuine love for navy blue. This color has always and will forever be one that I am sons of. 

A big smile goes a long way so maybe smiling might be a new one for me. WHAT DO YOU THINK? 

 I paired this navy wide leg pants with this gorgeous cowl neck navy jumper. Perfect for the season and it keeps me warm. I told you I’m going for a classy, stylish chic look this layering season. I hope that you are inspired by these. 

My baker boy hat is one that I am loving, as much as I would love to jump on the beret trend I still have so much love for the baker boy hats. I personally feel and think they are more stylish. 

See there’s a saying, what’s for everyone may not be for me or for you. I guess that how I feel about the hat. 

For a little bit of contrast, I threw on my sling bag and paired this look with my favorite black booties this season. This is giving me all that classy vibe and that chic look. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post today! I have been needing some motivation lately, hence the late posts. Hopefully I can get posts to you as soon as possible.. 

        Thank you for stopping by as always loves. 

               Outfit Details 
Pants; Rosegal 
Sweater; Oldie 
Hat; Ross 
Bag; Ross 
Booties; JustFab 


Happy Tuesday loves, I hope you are having an awesome day so far. I am so ready for Christmas but truly it seems just like yesterday that the year began. I'm thankful for everything and so grateful for life in abundance. 

red sweater

In today's post, I'm sharing my love for red and this gorgeous sweater weather is everything to me. I love this chunky cable knit sweater. It's a little oversized but very comfortable to slip into. 
red booties

This season the color "RED" is the most seen and most styled and honestly, I can't get enough of it. I am constantly aiming to style the red trend in different ways. 

winter fashion
I paired this knit wear with a pair of black cullotes. Very comfy and very easy to wear. Honestly, keeps me warm! What's the point of wearing a knit wear or sweater if it won't keep you warm. Lol. 

Close up shot on the gorgeous dainty bracelet from my favorite brand @charmingcharlie. They have and awesome line and this dainty pieces are perfect for date night this season. 

This look is a mix of casual yet chic, my pair of red booties take the outfit from casual to chic real quick. Although, they are not the most comfy they work well with any look and are very stylish. Want to purchase this red booties make sure you go a size up than your usual size. 

Think Big is what came to my mind as I  write  this post. Honestly, so much has happened to me this year and I can truly say that it has been a mix of the good, the good and the ugly. No major bad stuff so far. 

But I believed in my dreams and I even outdid myself and my expectations. I was able to put effort into what I believe in and made my dreams come to reality . My advice to you if you are reading this post now; there's still some time to make that dream a reality, start somewhere and always remember that your dreams have to scare you. 

I want to appreciate those of us who struggle with photographers and photography in general. I want to thank my boyfriend for an awesome session. Our first ever session. 


I hope you enjoyed reading today's post. Thank you for stopping by as always! 

                         Outfit Details 
Cullotes; Boohoo
Sweater; Old 
Booties; JustFab
Clutch; Ross


It's almost the middle of November. I still don't know if I've made the right choices this year. Not to go to school again amongst others. Lol!!!! 

Yes, I have a masters degree but I still want to future my education by going to school again. 

Time will tell, how easy it not it is to make decisions that will change your life forever. I hope you all are planning on having an amazing week. I am! 

Let's talk about this look, layering and my trip to Nashville where I had this awesome session with Mario of @gettheshot on Instagram. He is talented and awesome all round. 

I initially planned on styling a pant and turtle neck, after three days in Nashville, Tennessee I had put on a few pounds and the outfit didn't quite fit. I quickly slipped into this metallic midi dress and layered it with this black turtle neck top. 

Truth be told, one major piece for any closet is the turtle neck top. I have those in several colors and typically layer them. I wanted to go for a quick and easy to style pair. 

This metallic pleated dress is the perfect game changer. I love how it took the look from basic to chic. A slip dress is a major fall/winter wardrobe staple. 

This look is perfect for a holiday getaway, or even date night with your love ones. 

I totally loved the scenery in Nashville, Tennessee. Leaves falling Off and the cold winter breeze coming on strong. I also loved this hotel in Franklin, where the happy hour was unending. 

•Every piece is basically layer worthy, all you need is to find the best pieces and pair them  properly.
• Its all fun and games until you throw a piece as simple as a turtle neck, scarf , coat or even a pair of panty hose and you are all layered up. 

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post. Have you traveled recently? If you have where and what were the fun things you did ?

Thank you for stopping by as always!!

              OUTFIT DETAILS 
Dress; H&M
Turtleneck; New Look
Booties; Zaful
Bag; Ross


I am a strong believer of waiting for the perfect time. I don't like to rush into things although I love to work towards the perfect time. 

Before I start talking  about how I am able to stay positive, amidst any setbacks that may stop me from getting the most out of my perfect time, let's talk about this gorgeous outfit. 

So I know you are thinking, who color blocks in winter? Me!!! that's my response. I decided to style this gorgeous burgundy pant and orange blouse by the gorgeous @aladukeh on Instagram. I am working with Nigerian fashion designers to create awareness about wearing Nigerian tailored made clothing.   

I love the ruffles on the blouse for that extra edge. I also love the cut of the pants and oh do you see the neck tie piece (ah so in love). 

Burgundy and Burnt orange (hmmmm that kinda rhymes), but these colors are so in this F/Wseason. I love how perfect this combo is. 

As always I am loving the beret season which is why I styled this burgundy beret. The perfect paring I must say. Love it !!! 

How do I know the timing is right? 

Because I didn't compare myself to everyone else and their timing. 

I didn't think about how the other person is making waves and I am not.

I didn't say hey! She/He is doing awesome now why am I not because I am supposed to be. 

I waited! 

I watched the clock!

I realized that all fingers are not equal, so also everyone's time is different because there's a time for everything! 

Feeling down, just pick yourself back up and know that you time to shine is coming and nobody would be able to stop you at that point. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I truly hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

                Outfit details;
Blouse & Pant; @Aladukeh on Instagram. 
Shoes; Just fab
Hat; Ross 


Happy Sunday loves, I should have posted last week because of all the nice comments I got on my Instagram page. Let's talk about mixing prints and still keeping your winter style fresh. 

As you know I'm a sucker for styling pieces that are chic and out of the box. Here's that kind of look. I styled this balloon sleeve blouse and striped pants by @labels___ on Instagram. My friend owns this clothing line and I am here to support her creativity. 

At first I was going to style a skirt but I don't think I'm ready to style my thigh high buts and a skirt just yet. So I decided to mix prints. 

I truly love this close up on this look. The floral blouse has the same colors as the pant which is what makes it work perfectly. All the shades are the same it has only different prints. 

I'm currently in Nashville, Tennessee and I hope I can explore a little bit. See the world around me and also work on a few collaborations. 

I love the frill hem or peplum hem of this look. Very pretty and adds more to this look. 

Throw a coat on you stylish outfit and you are ready for whatever the weather is saying. Remember to always stay stylish even though layering is important. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for stopping by as always. 

                Outfit Details
Blouse and Pant: @labels___ on Instagram 
Shoe: Justfab
Coat: Asos