Hello my gorgeous readers!! With so much going on in my life I can only continue to strive to promote my brand. So happy that you all take your time out to read my posts. Most importantly I hope you get style inspiration! I always say it's not rocket science that's why you've got me and I've got you my lovelies!!

In today's post I'm sharing my first fall outfit if he season. It's pretty easy on the eye and trust me I love the fact that I am wearing one of my favorite fall colors (burgundy).  It's getting sort of chilly in the city of Htown, so I've literally been layering on with this gorgeous plaid poncho.

I've had people ask me is it a blanky or a shawl!! To be honest I got so tired of answering but the bottom mlone is they were feeling the babe!! Lol!!

Boots are one of my things and definitely love comfortable bootiies. This one is one of my favorite but guess what it's borrowed from my sister. I will be doing a post on how both my sisters closets are my shopping malls sometimes.. Hahahah

This burgundy dress is so comfy, if you look closely it's slightly loose. This is because it's a size bigger that it should be but I thought oh well I love this dress and will style it. I promise you the dress is as ribbed as it looks and indeed very thick.

                 My question now is Do you believe you can fly? 

The reason why I titled this post that is because the wind was giving me life during my photoshoot!! I hope you enjoyed reading this post m! Don't forget to share your thoughts on this look below. See more pictures and outfit detials below...

            Also comment on what your favorite FALL COLORS Below !!

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Outfit Details
Dress: Ross
Poncho: Macy's
Sunnies: Elie Tahari

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