Do the colors Green, White and Green still mean anything to you? Do you still remember the National Anthem? Can you still say the pledged? Or Remember what the coat of arms looks like?.  If you were clueless this whole time then you are probably not Nigerian or didn't  grow  up in Nigeria. 

Here's why apart from giving you a brief history about my heritage and the giant of Africa (Nigeria) Ild be sharing Ten reasons why I love Nigeria despite the hardship and the negative aspect of things.

"Situated on the African continent Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria is also situated on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. Its neighbors are Benin, Niger, Cameroon, and Chad. The capital FCT ABUJA. The lower course of the Niger River flows south through the western part of the country into the Gulf of Guinea. Nigeria comprises of 36 states. Gained independence on October 1st, 1960 after being colonized by the British for so many years. 

Although, popularly known for negative things but it not be forgotten that Nigeria is a country blessed abundantly with natural resources oil and gas, coal, food amongst others.  

Enough of the history!! Before I bore you! In today's post I'm sharing my love for my country!! I've styled this entire very casual outfit in honor of the Nigerian Independence Day celebration. A huge part of today's outfit post had to do with my DIY top!! I wanted to show that no matter how messy Nigeria may be seen as I am still proudly Nigerian. 

I got a little green cup of paint from the dollar store and decided to be creative with it!  Look at it as an artwork please ... Lol. My mom jeans are my old Thrifted pair  Ripped by me and I also went for these comfy Kswiss sneakers .. The sequins NAIJA  logo was also made by me ..Totally love it. Also, I didn't want to wear the flag as always as I am trying not to be typical!! But I love this look so much!!  

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Don't forget to celebrate this day with your Nigeria friends or even share a few positive stories or information about Nigeria with non-Nigerians. 


If you can, please list at least one reason why you are Nigerian and Proud despite so much negativity!! In the comment section. 



CULTURE; I love the diverse cultures you can find in Nigeria. Speaking so many languages in one place in only as unique as it gets. Being able to also travel to learn different cultures within the same region is a blessing. 

FOOD; Oh I bet you have seen those Nigerian Jollof vs Ghanian Jollof Memes!! If you have best believe it that Nigerians have so many delicacies that you would get hooked on! Each culture has a dish that is very synonymous with them. For instance i am from AkwaIbom State in Nigeria; Popularly known to prepare and slay a dish called Afang Soup! It's even sounds yummy. Other Nigerian delicacies that will have you dreaming of going back are the infamous Suya, Agege Bread, Fufu and even the delicious Amala and Gbegiri soup.

LIFESTYLE; You think you can just walk into a party uninvited?, Nigerians are popularly known to hold the most lavish parties and guess what? Also know to be great at party crashing it's called the Mo Gbo Mo Ya syndrome. They hold parties where they spend a ton of money called OWAMBE! Every weekend there's a party that you are getting ready to attend. 

THE OPTIMISM; Nigerians are so optimistic. No matter how hard things might get even if things aren't looking good, they still have so much hope and faith that things will get better. For example; there's a current issue with the exchange rate and the diminishing value of the  Nigerian currency (NAIRA)! It has everyone complaining but still hoping for a change and growth! Trust me we are one of the most optimistic people you would ever meet! 

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES; Nigerians are one of the most enterprising people in the world. We have streets full of businesses and ideas that are thriving and not struggling. We love to create opportunities for ourselves even if they don't seem available! Even the child who has no form of education will create a car out of tins and make it move! One of the places to start your business is definitely Nigeria and watch it thrive! I love my Nigeria..

FASHION/STYLE; I am proudly a fashionable Nigeria. Just imagine how many of us there are then. We love fashion and style most importantly embracing our culture and style. There's a new movement called the SHOP NIGERIAN BRANDS! Where we embrace African fabrics and prints of all kind. I totally I'm looking forward to meeting many Nigeria designers including but not limited to AprilbyKunbi, MAI ATAFO ,  so proud of my friends brand too LABELSBYRHALLYKHAN amongst others !! 

HERITAGE/ FATHERS LAND ; They say home is where your heart is. Although, lately to me home is where my wifi automatically connects .. Hahaha! At the end of the day, Nigeria is still home where our heritage lies, also the land of our forefathers. Our frieds and family are still there alive and even forefathers where buried on the Nigerian soil! So no matter how far away I am from home, no matter any other citizenship I obtain it is where my heritage lies and I will forever be proud. 

FUNNIEST PEOPLE; We love our culture, we love our heritage so much, yet we still make a joke of it. We attract people to our way of life through these memes and comedy skits. This helps take away from the negative but focus on the positives. When I see memes or watch skits that make me laugh, it definitely reminds me of someone I've come across or the reality that at the end of the day we are one big family and accept and embrace our flaws. Trust me we always find a reason to laugh even in time of hardship. 

INTELLIGENT/EDUCATED  PEOPLE; Nigerians are one of the most educated people in the world today! In every gathering you will find 6 out of 10 saying that they are from Nigeria. The best part is that we don't just pass through school we actually learn a lot and become the most intelligent students. Nigerians  are typically a major force to be reckoned with. Remember that student that had all the answers to the questions the teacher asked in your masters class (He/She was probably a Nigerian). 

HISTORY; A land with great historical background. So much that it will make you be grateful that it has come this far. Through it all. Whenever I visited any new place in Nigeria there was always something that represented that area or our ancestors. 

I will say finally that the hardship you go through does not define you but the success that you make out of it. Hence, " If you can survive in Lagos, Nigeria you can survive anywhere in the world".

                                   HAPPY 56TH BIRTHDAY NIGERIA. #NAIJA AND PROUD!!!


                                                                        Outfit details  
                                                      Top ; Forever 21 DIY by me 
                                                               Sneakers: Kswiss 
                                               Old; Mom jeans (ripped by me)






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