Hello love, i have been MIA, trust me i am always working on good content. I have come to a point where if its not as great , I just don't want to post it. So bear with me guys!!

 In today's post i have styled this damask tiered or layered dress. I must say is so mini for me but its just the perfect dress for date night/ weddings or even dinners or brunch. I paired this damask dress with my favorite silver sandals. I really should get  a new pair. lol

This outfit was really easy to style, im not much of an accessories person so trust me when i say adding a little bit of bling bling here and there would have made a difference. Also, this dress color falls into the perfect shades for fall which i love so much.

I styled this look last month and only just blogged about it. I have a reason guys?
                      Do you ever stare at  picture/an outfit for too long and just never like it?

 Thats exactly what happened to me on this occasion, definitely a love/hate situation. Note to self, never stare to long at you outfit or picture. Still looking for the brand of this dress as i gave the dress out this week so bear with me.

Okay loves, I am literally running off to bed . Please leave your comments in the comment section below. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Thnak you for stopping by today!!


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