Happy Fridays lovelies!! I hope you are all excited about the weekend. In today's post I'm sharing my love for these amazing beauty products by @feelbeauty. I got sent two products to review. One is a hair product (Beachy) which is a complete texture mist. The other is a self tanning glow kit (Glowing) which helps enhance and stimulate melanin.

Because I already have enough melanin. lol I have been using his product to even out my skin tone and trust me it actually gives me that extra glow that I need/would be needing this fall/winter season when the sun goes into hiding.

Beachy(hair mist) review;  The hair mist helped with the texture of my low cut natural hair. Especially when I'm on the go and don't feel like wearing my wig, I spray the mist on and move it around with my fingers, after allowing it to air dry my hair looks gorgeous. This mist actually softens the hair which is why I love it.

GLOWING (Self Tanning); I love having that evenly toned skin with that extra glow. This product has got me feeling extremely beautiful inside and out. I showed the process in pictures of how I got the perfect glow using this product. I had a sugar scrub with my homemade sugar and coconut oil scrub , before applying this product. Let's talk about this below!!!

                  My homemade Sugar x Coconut oil scrub

     I basically scrub for a few minutes (3mins and leave it on for 5mins before rinsing off.

 I applied only a small amount of the tanning mousse unto this smooth velvet applicator. Feels really good on the skin.

End result that subtle glow.

This is for my hair. Since my hair isn't long,  I sprayed some mist and used my fingers to work it in.left it to air dry and that's the result. 

Thank you for stopping by today!!! Tell me what your thoughts are below. Although, I recommend this product, Would you be using this product?

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