Hello loves, how was your weekend? I hope you are all ready for the goodies that this new week has in store for us.

I had a fairly fun weekend. Went for a friends birthday on Friday and errr spent the whole of Saturday recouping

My Sunday was also well spent as updated myself on fashion and style trends. Which is what brings me to the point of this post. 

Im currently changing my lifestyle and i need a lot of motivation. Leaving old habits behind is a very tough one to do but hey, im more than ready to lead a better life. 

My lifestyle change starts from my diet, to exercise and even trying to stay away from negative vibes/energy. Hence, i need a lot of motivation. I shared this post with you all so that anyone who also needs some inspiration. Ild be updating you from time to time on my fitness and healthy eating journey which im already a week into.

I have a new post going up on the blog now so stay tuned ... 

Todays snack while i refreshed myself about fashion and style trends.

Ps i love this vitamilk soy milk its my current favorite drink atm.

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