Happy Monday loves, too many blog post to come! I just haven’t had enough time to think through what I want to say and how I say it. Seriously guys, no one told me adulting would be this hard, lol. How did our parents do it. For me it’s been, work, family and repeat. If you are still living with your parents and you don’t have any bills to pay! Please enjoy it now and prepare yourself for adulting. Brooooooo!!!

Anyhoo, I’m in NYC for work. One of my dream places to go. Everything here is fast paced. Ive visited a ton of places as well and I will have an NYC guide up by the end of this month (November). 

In this post, I have partnered with “Zaful Clothing”. My blouse and skirt are from Zaful. They are not a pair, I actually paired them together. I was going for a green plaid look. Which is perfect for fall and winter season.

winter fashion

I decided to pair this look with a pair of booties. This is my best pair by the way. Lol. This look is perfect for any type event. I love the high end feel to it as well. 

I’m going to share a quick story. Continue to read my story.  

Do you travel to different cities and compare the way people behave in the different states? I do this a lot. 
I’ve found that people in NYC are not as mean as people say they are. People here are actually very patient, nice and kind hearted. The other day at a photoshoot with Photog (@capturenhc78 on instagram. 

An older man asked us if we wanted to take pictures of us, it was a little strange because, I had had a certain opinion about all Newyawkers.

This brings me to my point, until you meet with people of don’t make generalizations about them. I don’t believe in stereotyping. If you ever find yourself trying to validate any actions, wait until you see for yourself or hear for yourself. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Kindly leave comments below on your favorite fall looks this season.

       Thank you so much for stopping by as always!!

                      OUTFIT DETAILS 

BLOUSE;  Zaful 
SKIRT; Zaful 
BOOTIES ; Just Fab
BAG; Prada
SUNNIES; SunglassesLA
EARRINGS; Cititrends 

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