Hey loves, it’s been a minute! Tad long and I do apologize for keeping you in the dark. It’s all been a blur for me. 

Also, for the most part of this year it’s been a back and forth with working and making my life and loved ones lives better. Seriously guys you have to have a balanced life and not only live for your internet family. 

leopard print

In today’s post, I will be talking about this LEOPARD  print as one of the biggest trends this fall and how you can all be creative and have fun with this look. 

I will also be sharing tips on how we can balance our social media life with out reality and why that is really important. I’ve found that initially I used to worry over my internet family( you guys) not been able to understand my content. 

I was afraid that if I took a break it would make me loose you all. But In fact breaks make us understand our purpose more and refreshes our mindset. It also reminds us of why we started and where we are going with whatever we are doing or trying to achieve.  

fall fashion trends

Before I get all emotional and bring you all into the same emaotional chaos. Let’s talk about this amazing fall/winter trend “The leopard Print”.

I call this look ( Two trends in One). Orange and neon colors are so big this season. I decided to achieve the orange leaopard print because it was unique, I also got tired of seeing the same shades of leaopard print, honestly, I just wanted to have fun creating looks for you all. 

winter 2018

So I paired this big print leaopard jumper with this long high waisted leaopard print pants. The pants have smaller print so it easily compliments the jumper. I did get a lot of compliments while shooting. Most people thought it was a Halloween costume, lol. But this is such a unique look and I definitely will wear this out again and again. 

Tips For Balancing Your Social Media With Your Reality 

Stay true to yourself; Never get overwhelmed by what you see. 
• No competition; When you accept that your time is now or your time is coming you won’t see the person on IG or Facebook and try to be like them at all cost despite you inability too. 

Socially Aware; Being sociallly aware makes you understand that everything you see is not what it is. Some people may show off, but when you understand that people on social media only show you what they want you to see. You become content with your reality. 

Be contented ; I personally I’m always at peace with my own self. I prefer to be happy in my reality and understand that social media is like being in sci fi world of some sort. 

Find Happiness ; As the saying goes spread happiness like a confetti be sure to realized that you have to be happy to be able to spread happiness. It also comes from within. So, give yourself that pep talk that you need from time to time to remain in tune with your inner self. This has helped me so many times. 

Don’t worry, I’m almost done tyiping. But I wanted to share this gorgeous purse with you. It’s by @justfabonline. If you’ve been following me all this while you would know that I love everything Just fab, 

This suede purse is everything and more. I love the color which is perfect for fall and all seasons beyond. So if you looking for the perfect purse this season. Check out www.justfab.com.

I’m about to be done, I know you all miss me creating content and I’m back in full swing. I will be checking on you from time to time . Also stop by for my new post. Follow me on social media (check sidebar). 

Thank you for stopping by today!! See you soon! 

                        Outfit Details 
Jumper; Boohoo
Pant; Boohoo
Booties; Justfab
Purse; Justfab
Black clutches; Prada & Ross dress for less 

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