As I seat here, sipping my Cup of Latte. I truly would like to mind my business on a daily basis. For instance, I read a post about Beyoncé I could decide to either ignore it, ponder about it or act like I have the right answer to whatever the post was(my opinion). 

This brings me today’s blog post. Ild be sharing my thoughts on the measures of success as a blogger or outside blogging (I’m sure either of this group applies to you), so seat tight loves.

Quick Blog Update
My current goal is to post two blog posts a month. Other blog posts that you may see will be in form of collaboration or sponsored posts. I promise my loves that two  posts are definitely going to be relevant all month long so kindly check by from time to time. 

That being said, Let’s talk about the overrated point of view that all gender especially ladies need to live by these two words “Beauty Standards” meaning - “The feminine beauty ideal is "the socially constructed notion that physical attractiveness is one of women's most important assets, and something all women should strive to achieve and maintain". Feminine beauty ideals are rooted in heteronormative beliefs, and heavily influence women of all sexual orientations.-Wikipedia. 

Are you no longer a fashion blogger? You asked?. I am but I have come to realize how much effort I put in and how less appreciated I feel everyday. Yes there’s a standard, yes people want to see only the good things in social media. However, when you are real people are concerned that you are being to real, likewise if you decide to fake it they will still have something to say. This has made me think long and hard enough. 

A few questions that I constantly ponder is how do you even measure success, enough for you to be able to decide that a blogger myself is doing well or even if you are not a blogger how can you measure your level of success without needing any validation from anybody.

Okay before I tell you how I measure my level of success. I want you to know that it’s very easy to do this and be better or do this and relax because you think you are in your prime. 

Let’s talk about my cute outfit, I got a lot of compliments on how cute this look was and is last week. I think it’s that type of grown woman look. Chic and classy, I guess that’s what got people talking about it and complimenting me. My subtle mix of prints (stripe and polkadot) is everything. I’m loving his look. It will be available at the end of this post. 

I know you like my outfit but let’s seriously talk, I measure my level of success at anything I do in different ways. 
Are you putting  quality first not quantity? 
• Am I learning it is my level of knowledge getting better?
•Am I satisfied with where I am? 
•Are you managing your time properly? 

I ask myself all of these questions and I think you all should I think we all need to re-evaluate ourselves first if you are a blogger. Put you best foot out first and trust me when I say you will get so much back that you will be suprised. So yes be more worried about your quality not the quantity. This is how I started mine and it took me to unimaginable places. 

Seriously, my level of knowledge now is way better than it was before. In fact, I can say that I have accepted my journey as a learning process and know that Ild learn from mistakes and get better as time goes by.

While satisfaction is not advisable it’s better to have the drive to keep going despite what ever comes your way, is nothing shows up at your door you need to be contented. I’ve also found that the best way to handle  my career as a blogger is to first realize that where I am today does not define my Tommorow. 

My time management is really not that great, in fact it is pretty terrible. But one thing i am able to do is figure out what I what to do and plan towards it. I don’t like to talk down on anyone or brands. However, I just try not to accept every collaboration more like I evaluate who I work with just as the brands will evaluate me. 

The truth is many people don’t want to put in the work but the want to come back with a success story. It’s easy to wish for things that we don’t have but we have to realize that hard work pays off in the end. 

I hope this post was really motivational to you. Seriously loves we need to start fighting for ourselves. 

Thank you for stopping by again today loves! 

See you in my best post. 

Outfit Details;
Dress: Inthestylecurve uk 
Slippers: Romwe
Earrings: Cititrends

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