How amazing is it to have your life set up just the way you want it to be. Sometimes everything I planned for is what happens eventually,  other times they don’t. I am usually not too mad about stuff that don’t work out because In  the end I know Ild still remain #Blessed.  

    Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I woke this morning thinking that it must have been because I am stressing out about the things I cannot control. Also, because right now I feel like I need to be blessed x100.

    I managed to get some sleep, woke up refreshed and decided to stop by the blog and tell my story. The story of how much better I feel when I said to God bless me, blessed me lord. Honestly, I told God this morning, favor is all I need and I leave it to you to deal with the rest. 


•I am alive and breathing. 
•I don’t need to beg for my daily bread. 
• I am happy with life, love and I have a family that cares.
• Above all God has been so faithful and if beijg BLESSED is all I could ask for and get?. Then I am grateful. 

    Panic attacks, anxiety they are real guys, with my heart racing as fast as it was last night and the tightness of my chest. I thought it was a heart attack. Then I remembered the fish pepper soup I had just eaten from (African Palace restaurant) it was spicy which made me think it’s could just be a heart burn, coupled with the thoughts running through my mind, I began to panic. 

    Seriously #Hisiclan, if there’s anything on your mind make sure you talk to someone or even sleep it out and I promise you will feel a lot better. Also, remember to cry  unto God and the proclaim it that you are everything good I’m life and that is what will come to you.

    Let’s talk about my outfit. Yes I know you think I am just trying to talk about this with a Tee that has the BLESSED written on it. It’s kind of wierd that everything that happens around us actually works perfectly with what we are going through. So yes! This Tee is just a perfect messenger BLESSED. 

I paired this CitiTrend Tee with a tulle skirt. I wanted to make this look as casual as possible. To make it unique. My tulle skirt is designed assymetrically, with lace trimmings here and there. It’s the perfect skirt for summer. 

    I finally decided to make this look casual by pairing it with my (Wanted) sneakers. These sneakers are so comfy and easy to slip into. 

Where would I wear this look to? It’s very versatile I see myself dressing it up with a pair of heels and adding a blazer for more serious occasions. Or keep it cool like I did if you are just hanging with friends. 

Thank you for stopping by today loves! See you my #HISICLAN in my next post! 

                       Stay BLESSED

Outfit Details; 
Skirt: Rosegal
Sneakers: Burlington 
Purse: Ross
Sunnies: Ross 

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