Seriously, if you had to choose between happiness, peace of mind, joy and money which one would you choose ?. Can you be successful and less happy? Of course. Which is why I choose Happiness and I will tell you why below.

      A lot of people think as long as I have money I can have everything I truly want and need. When truly, having so much money is just the beginning of more responsibilities and challenges. 

     It’s like working so hard making great money and you still have to pay more tax. (The more money you make, the more taxes will be taken out). That’s just one perspective. 

      Let’s chat a little bit more, so I have the money to buy all these clothes on my blog to share and inspire you guys, does that make me happy?. Of course I am happy that i am doing what I love. 

     However, I don’t focus on my pocket but actually my passion. It’s my drive. While money is also the end goal ( everyone wants to make some money from what they love doing) , it shouldn’t really be the focus. 

     Another perspective, I collaborated with @CitiTrends to bring this date night/day look and I can tell you that I did not focus on the fact that it was an in kind collaboration to help them review their quality and bring publicity to you all about how awesome a brand they are. 

   With a lot of issues in society, hate, death amongs others especially very wealthy people this got me thinking. It would be better for the new generation (Us) to try as much as possible to keep our minds focused on success as well as happiness and also be able to differentiate between happiness and success.  

             Why are you saying all this you ask ? 

     Allow me to share why I choose happiness with this key things to remember; 

                   Key things to remember
•Money can’t buy us happiness.
• Be kind to everyone around you as you don’t know what the next person is going through. 
•Live your best life at your own expense, for you and not because you are trying to get validation from people.   

    Let’s talk about this gorgeous dress, Florals are so in this season, I love this floral detail midi dress by @cititrend (check them out on Instagram). I collaborated with them to bring you a few looks as the weeks go by. 

     This look is a day/night time date inspired look. The bold floral details cannot be missed. I think it’s perfect. 

               What are your thoughts on this dress 

      I love the fact that this dress definitely compliments my curves, it accentuates it as well with the frill bottom and frill shoulder. 

    Totally love how comfortable this strappy heel sandals are. They are also snug and very easy to walk in. 

I hope you take some time to reevaluate your priorities in like and make decisions that favor your happiness first and everything else will come. 

Thank you for stopping by today.  If you enjoyed  reading this post! Kindly stop by next week for my new post! 

                    Love you my #HisiClan




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