Life is life, and whatever happens we truly have to accept our fate and keep it moving. Have I done that ? Yes. Do I regret it? No. I said this in my last post . The hardest part of blogging is actually having more than a 9-5. It has to do with starting your business and also deciding to live your life and enjoy the journey.

    For so long, the only thing that has kept me going is genuine love for fashion and style. Quick story; About 3 years ago i re branded and started new blog (this blog) despite the fact that i had started my first blog in 2012 (Fashionnutter Blog).
    My Instagram has always been my portfolio, kinda like my album so that brands can see my work and reach out to collaborate. Within my first year of blogging with only a few followers on Instagram i was nominated for the Star Central Magazine Awards Blogger of the year which I won. In the same year my post was featured on the WendyWilliams Show with people from around the world telling me how proud they are of me.

I kept pushing for what i love and today i have worked with several brands as a fashion and lifestyle blogger. So trust me i know what it feels like to not be where you want to but my advice is keep it real and everything good will come to you.

Fast Forward, I haven't created a blog post in the last two months or so. I know my blog has had to suffer a bit and i have kept you guys in the dark. No excuses should be made but i promise you its all been worth it for me. Who would have thought starting you fashion business will be so tasking. From designing, to waiting for shipment to come in and finally marketing .. Again, all of these i am doing coupled with a  full time job. Its not enough to neglect you my readers but i truly appreciate all of you that have been with me thus far. Love you all!.

     In my previous post, i shared some info about the birth of my business, i failed to show you all the pieces in my Spring/Summer Collection (Slaps self) i am truly sorry! its never to late so here are the pieces from y store @Shop_Hisi Bold by ITORO.

Shop all these gorgouse looks from my store by clicking here


     Lets talk about what blogging truly entails the reality and more; I started blogging at a time where there was no need to give anyone a love struck comment or even like a photo on Instagram ad guess what it was merit based to get traffic on your blog. By merit i mean, actually doing your best and people see that your best is more than enough. While i appreciate the birth and growth of social media and what its fast becoming I do believe that so many people need to stay true to themselves and be realistic in everything they do. Somehow I have found that has worked for me so far. 

    I still would love to stick to my blog and be able to talk to you ll here because Instagram, Facebook, twitter are not specifically owned by me neither s Blogger. However, this domain is mine and i am able to download my content and move to another platform if i wish. 

   Before I go, I want to talk about this gorgeous two piece lounge set by @flyingcolorsapparel on instagram. It is made out of great quality. I love the fact that it has drawstring waistline that I can use to adjust the fit of my top. The entire look is perfect for summer and even holidays! 

This is such a fun look, all you need to is check out @flyingcolorsapparel on Instagram. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, make sure you stay true to yourself and push through whatever you do. 

        See you in my next post! 

                        Outfit Details 
Lounge Set; Flyingcolorapparel
Sneakers; Wanted 
Purse; Ross
Sunnies; SunglassesLa 

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