Hey loves, its been such a long time since I blogged. I know I have been posting on instagram and and its been a drag to even post. I had someone ask me; Why don't you post often? I replied; Maybe because im too busy to even pick up my phone to post. Truly, there's not much motivating me right now. I am so excited about the plans to come. The question is will I have the time to put them into actualization.

All that been said. Lets talk about my time away, why I was away and what plans I have to come. Being  a brand you try to balance everything that you do. I tried this one time but it looks like im struggling. I didn't plan to be away for this long, Nothing in life is ever planned. Ive  been working; Yes! that's why I have been away.

 The perks are you travel and get to see the world but truly you do not get time for yourself. Working long hours and when you get a day off (if you get one?) the only thing on your mind is rest or explore.My mindset has been I need a break and I am planning one. But before then I wanted to share so much coming to the brand with you.

First, @shop_hisi brand my store is going to launch soon. Super excited! and my YouTube channel which will be featuring some amazing people will be starting later this year. So many big plans but im lacking the time to actually sit down and work on them. I hope you are excited to continue on this journey with me.

Now lets talk about this look. Spring is right here, I know it doesn't feel like it but I can say the soon we would start loving the weather. I love this pink dress because of the details. My first attempt at trying out zara clothing and I wasn't too disappointed. I love the cut out sleeve which is  a trend to look out for this season.

The gathered details on the side is another intriguing one. Totally loving the detail. I paired this dress with my black thigh high boots and a red bag. Quick sneak peek; my spring collection will be featuring this color block trend (red and pink).

This outfit is perfect for fashion events  and even to parties. I love being able to create looks that are inspiring and very effortless.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hope it was insightful to you! I am back on a full scale to blog and carry you along.
                                   Thank you for stopping by as always!

                                                Outfit Details
Dress: Zara
Booots; JustFab
Red purse: Ross
Black purse; Prada
Sunnies: ross

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