Yasssss loves, this is how I pick up groceries, lol!! Just kidding. 

How are you all doing? I so excited about this look. Two current trends in one look. Let me tell you a little bit more below! 

fringe skirt

In today’s post, I’m talking about these amazing pieces that are so in trend. Yes you can wear them differently but I felt like putting together was an A1 thing to do. 

Before we get into this post, I know you are waiting for the spring fashion trends post. Let’s talk about the double bag trend. Where you can carry not only one but two bags at the same time. Not only cross body but any type of purse. We will elaborate in another post. 

It’s a bit of a hard stop here, I just wanted to show you this yummy and pretty ice cream that I bought for $10.... what a buy? But it was worth every cent. 

double bag trend


Spring fashion is one of my faves, I love the fact that I can explore different aspects. From bold to pastel colors, from fringe to polka dots and plastic to denim. 

• Polka dot trend; This trend is my favorite, from big to small polka dots and from colored polka dots to black and white. This trend is pretty easy to style either as a mix print or as a color mix as well. 

polka dots
•The fringe trend; My fringe is found on my skirt! I love the fringe trend because it can be seen anywhere at all, on a dress, along the hem, on a blouse amongst others. I love this trend because of the versatility of it. It’s very much convenient for me to be able to style my fringe in a modest manner. 

spring 2018

The last and final trend is the PASTEL trend; I love this trend which I styled in my previous post because come any spring season, the pastels will always be my go to to style! It’s also pretty easy to style, pick out subtle shades of those colors ( light blue, pink, mint ) and work with juxtapostioning them to creat and effortless look!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!!! Don’t forget to pick up groceries in style.. lol 

Thank you for stopping by today! See you next time! 

                    Outfit details;
Blouse; Zara 
Skirt; Zara
Booties; Just fab 
Purses; Prada and Ross 

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