Every holiday comes to an end, every good thing comes to an end too. But I would never leave all the good stuff from you guys. 

Two weeks ago I was in San Diego California, on a short vacation trip with my family. I decided to bring you guys a few of my favorite moments and tell you about the places I visited, just in case you are planning to visit San Diego or Los Angeles California and you get stuck. 

I contemplated this trip for about two days before finally deciding to travel. My fear of heights which makes it so difficult for me to fly really scared me. But I thought about passing up such a great time and experience and the feeling after for me was errrrr... Ild go!! 

DAY 1 
We decided to visit the water park ( ACQUATICA in San Diego. I totally loved the experience. Like every other waterpark it had a lazy river, wavy pool and several rides. What I really enjoyed were the beautiful flamingos standing on one leg. That was a joyous sight for me.

It was so much fun at this water park until it was time to get some food. I'm a sucker for food especially burgers at watermarks. But I can truly tell you that the food here was 3 out of 10. Really nasty, seemed like they just stored up food and warmed them for customers, not to talk of the price pshhhhhh* . 

Don't get me wrong guys, I love water parks and truly had fun here but for the food. Other than that Ild love to visit again, but no food this time.

My beautiful family taking the view all in. Love them to bits.

Ended this particular day trying my first ever dipping dots in cotton candy flavor. It's pretty much icecream in little dots. Pretty delishhhhhh!!! 

DAY 2 
Holidays slowly winding down, I don't want to get back to reality but I have to. Here's what happened on my second day in San Diego, California. Oops! Forgot to mention we stay in The Embassy Suites La Jolla. I must commend this hotel,everything was spot on and the service was awesome. I give them 11 out of 10.

This was my view from the 4th floor. There was a also a nice little fish pond with really big fishes inside it. Guests were also given the opportunity to  feed them. My niece, nephew and family friends totally loved this part of the trip. 

Breakfast at the hotel was made to serve, specifically prepared based on your order and best part was it was made right in front of you. This really made me love the hotel even more. Amenities and everything else were also at its best. 

It's my third time on the sea. I hate anywhere but being on land. Yes I can swim but being on a cruise ship is a different ball game entirely. 
I was scared but I enjoyed my trip. It didnt feel as bad as I imagined it will be. 

We sailed across the sea and had  the view of San Diego from different angels. From the islands across to the military ships sailing away with soldiers waving back at us. So fascinating guys!! 

Aboard the ship I had a glass of cranberry juice as I am not much of an achohol drink individual. This was refreshing. 

Right after the cruise we decided to head to the beach, just to relax. I totally forgot how old I was, I played with sand on the beach and built sand castles with my niece and nephew. This was very fun, I had no worries or heart aches in that moment. 

Stood for a quick pose and even guys have you seen my Slay all day top it's by @threadtank on Instagram, definitely follow them and place your order

This Beautiful  rollercoater and rides park was just by the beach. I love how you can simply spend some time at the beach and head for the park. 

I personally don't do well with rides so today was not going to be any different. I stayed out at the beach till we were ready to leave😅. 

Watching the tide rise, as it moved closer and closer to our feet. We knew it was time to say goodbye to the beach. 

Oh did I meantion the amazing drummers by the beach  taking me back to my African roots this was a nice way to end the day. 

DAY 3 
Not really sure what to do on this day, we decided to go on a road trip to LosAngeles. It was about 2hrs but it was worth the drive. We got to the Hollywood walk of fame. It had always been a dream of mine to see the infamous stars of my favorite celebrities, so this was a fun thing for me to do (especially taking pictures. 

 Drove around Beverly Hills and this was amazing, I'm not kidding we were looking out for Beyoncé or Kim Kardashians house.

One of my favorite parts of this vacation was this beautifully created train restaurant. 

Can you tell that I totally had fun. I had the best sweet potato fries here at CARNEYS California. Whenever you are in the city make sure you stop by and try some. Truly delicious! With an awesome menu. 

Let's talk about my look for this day, my tshirt is one of the best quality white tees I have ever had. This tee is by @zanstyleofficial make sure you follow them on Instagram. Here's a link to the white tee here

I love the cute of this tee, I actually bought it from the men's section and I love how it sits perfectly. 

Found this tree to be very interesting. It is located in Beverly Hills. There were a lot of inscriptions on it. This felt like a version of the love lock bridge in France, only difference is that this is on a tree. 

I hope you get sometime off to go on holiday and sight see. I totally would love to travel the world and see what is available for me in the world. 

If you truly enjoyed this post leave a comment on where you would like to visit soon. 
         Thank you for stopping by loves!! 


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