I didn't think I was going to make it, I also didn't think I was going to die. It was the worst of both worlds for me yesterday. I'm sure you are all aware of the current Hurricane Harvey with a faced wth in Texas. But I am safe, so are my family members  and friends. 

Before we going into further details of my scare in the flood yesterday. Let's talk about this gorgeous outfit. I particularly love this shirt dress. I like how casual it is, loose fitting and very comfy.

I went for a sneakers look on this one. I was going for that comfy look which is one that I always go for. I made sure to stick to my favorite pair of sneakers this past summer. I love how this look comes together and looks awesome. 

The highlight of this outfit for me is the tulle hat. I would totally rock this hat again and again. The vibe of the hat is everything.

I could totally wear this outfit on a casual day out, Out on a date or even on vacation. It's very simple and easy to slip into. 

I started blogging two years ago and here's how my journey has been as successful. 

I've never felt more satisfied as a blogger and here are a few of my tips on how to be successful as a blogger. 

Tip one; Make sure you know your niche and narrow it down. Let people understand what your brand stands for. It's not an easy journey overall but I can say for sure that it is worthwhile. 

Top two; Honestly, I can't tell you that the journey will be smooth. But the only smooth sailing ride you can take is to take none how smooth can it be. I can for sure tell you all the greatest tip is to be "Consistent". Keep pushing your brand out there until everyone accepts you.  

Yesterday, I almost drowned in my car as I approached a 4 inch pool of water on my way back from church. 
I decided to make a turn and water entered my vehicles battery. 

Finally, I was helped by good people who drove me in a pool of water but in their quadra bike safely home. I was so thankful as I thought death had come knocking for me. I will forever be grateful to the amazing couple. But also heed to those words of advice to stay home in such times. 

My Final Tip loves is to remain loyal to yourself. Build a brand on a foundation that is truly solid. Also, make friends on your journey as they will be able to learn from your mistakes so would you. 

If you continue being stuck up in your own pursuit. You won't get anywhere. Even the three wise men walked as group in the Bible. They didn't walk alone. 

As the saying goes, Two heads are definitely better than one. 

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post and truly hope that it inspires you as a blogger. Keep pushing your dreams.  

Can I thank @jaephoto (Jewel) for truly capturing  the real me and making this an awesome collaboration. 

Stay Safe if you are in Houston or Texas as a whole. 
                    OUTFIT DETAILS 
Dress; Zaful 
Sneakers; Adidas 
Earrings; Charming Charlie 
Hat & Bag; Rosegal 

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