Fall is upon us loves and today's post is my first attempt at layering into the fall season. This is look is only a pre into what i am going to be styling during the actual fall season. 

So my favorite boot from last season is this gorgeous pair of embellished suede boots. The embellishment is one of the many reasons I love this pair of boots. 

Graphic tees are so in right now and I love this gray tee by @threadtank on Instagram. The great quality tees with amazing inscriptions is my favorite thing about this brand.

            My Fall Season Style Staples; 

Every fall season certain pieces are my go to fall season style staples. 

A PAIR OF BOOTS ; I need a gorgeous pair of comfortable boot. Preferably ankle length but having a pair of thigh highs for those mini dress days is another important staple for me. 

A COAT ; Having any type of coat is important. Trench coat, wooly coat etc. you need one that's light enough for layering during fall and one that actually does the job of protecting you during winter (wool coat) in your wardrobe. For Fall season you can stay light and chic by wearing your dusters and trench coats. 


A TURTLE NECK SWEATER; I can never get enough of the turtle neck jumper. It makes me feel very chic and warm. That's all I need right ? Get yourself a gorgeous turtle neck sweater/jumper. You can pair this  with any outfit; on a pant, on a skirt, under your dress as a layer piece amongst other ways. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Please leave comments on your thoughts about this outfit in the comment section. Stop by weekly for you fall season style inspiration. 
     Thank you for stopping by as always loves! 

                  Outfit details;
Tee; Thread Tank 
Skirt; Zan style 
Trench; Old 
Sunnies; Sunglassspot 

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