We all love to drink that one drink that keeps us active, I personally love my coffee black. I didn't know the extent of damage to which it did to my teeth. 

I had tried sipping my coffee with a straw, but no change or difference occurred. I am so excited to share the most amazing product that has helped me and given me a new smile. 

Smile Brilliant is a professional teeth whitening brand that helps you achieve next level smiles in the most minimal manner and through the most simple steps. 

I will be sharing my journey below and why I love smile Brilliant so much, trust me loves I'm embracing my new smile with everything in me. 

I want to commend  smile Brilliant for their packing the blue and white packaging is so fresh and very pretty. Very easy on the eyes to and grabs your attention. But the best part of this brand is the instructions that are present in the package to guide you through your journey. Every step was well explained for me and very easy to carry out. 

Let's go straight into the review of smile Brilliant  professional teeth whitening kit. 

Above are the Base and Catalyst paste, which I had to mix together to help me make my impressions for my trays. The amount of paste you have are just perfect for your trays, although your first trial may be an epic failure but you will get better on your second one. 

This blue putty looking thing you asked? Yes those are my impressions, I love how they came out but apparently the lab didn't. I did another impression and sent it out and voila. I received my trays in the mail. 

I must also commend Smile Brilliant because at every step of the way I was checked on via email. 

Whitening sensitive teeth at home has never been easier. I love smile Brilliant for collaborating with me, but most importantly for bringing you all one of the best teeth whitening products in America. 

Whitening Teeth At Home
I applied the teeth whitening gel on my tray and stayed for as long as i wanted, it was often between 45minutes to 3hours. What was so easy for me is u often got so busy that I didn't even realize I had my trays on. 

Although my teeth isn't sensitive I used the desensitizing gel as advices to aid better result and I agree it really helped. 

I made sure to start my process a few hours before I sleep, this was better for and I didn't ruin my process by trying to eat afterwards. 

This is my befor picture. My teeth had a ton of stains but now they are as bright as the color White now. 

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Smile Brilliant kit whitening trays

The final result is what you can see in this picture and it's even a lot brighter than this picture as well. Make sure you purchase your smile Brilliant  teeth whitening kit. 

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