Happy Thursday readers, it's almost 4th of July, well maybe not quite but I love styling way ahead of time. Here's my favorite outfit this summer. Perfect for the season and I love how versatile this look is. 

Have you been having a hard time finding out which clothing items you want to style? You buy everything but when you look into your closet it seems like there's nothing? . Don't worry how I piece clothing together to make them perfect outfit is one  of the tips Ild be sharing today on the blog. 

Let's talk about this gorgeous outfit, it's perfect for summer and honestly I love the fact that I can easily restyle each piece of clothing. From the sandals to my top and dress. This outfit was inspired by my love for stripes this season. 

I got sent this gorgeous striped dress, Oh no, it has a cross back design but I'm more of a modest chic especially I eat a lot of Tacos, Rice and I'm facing the penalty which is significant in the folds on my sides *covers face*. 

I decided to pair this gorgeous striped dress with this cold shoulder layered sleeve top. This outfit turned out more perfect than imagined. Very fun yet chic and easy to style up or down. I love this outfit for vacation with the babes or just out with my friends.   
I worked on this project with the awesome @john4huang on Instagram.he definitely brought my vision to life. This outfit and this shot reminds me of the classic house wife of the 80's and how thy would probably dress to go shopping. 

Strawbags are so in and so are wedge sandals. I love the combination of my sandal and my bag which are summer staples and essentials. 

I got sent my sandal from @inthestyleuk and I am so in love with how comfortable they are. I will be wearing this sandal everyday this summer. Lol


Today's quote is " No matter where you're from, your dreams are valid"- Lupita Nyong'o 

That quote is all the above picture speaks to me when I look a it. I have not really been a big fan of graffiti or Mural walls but this was an eye opener. 

Here are my 'TIPS' for piecing outfits that are perfect and spot on. 

• If you can personally relate to a piece at first site but it, it was meant for you and will definitely serve its purpose sooner than later. 

• I typically have a mental idea of what and how I want each outfit to look, I also love to make each outfit realistic and relatable. Hence, if you cannot make meaning of the outfit don't buy or style it. Chances are your readers, audience or followers will not be able to as well. 

• What trends and pieces make your excited and which ones make you cringe? It took me two years to find out that I love statement pieces so much. Which is how I've been able to share awesome outfits with you my loves. 

I hope my tips help you with styling for your blog or even your day to day life. And off I go into the weekend feeling all energetic and ready to shop any deals in store or online. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and stop by next time. 

                        Outfit Details 
Top & Bag; Rosegal ( use coupon "itoro" when you check out of Rosegal.com
Dress: Zaful 
Sandal; Inthestyleuk
Sunnies; Ross

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