Monday's are for chilling to me these days, I'm off work so I get enough time to think through my next plan and create great content for you all. Today's post is a very interesting one and I would love to share some news with you my readers. 

Sometimes I want to say good morning readers , other times I'm like wait! what if it's not even morning where you are. Lol. 

In today's post, I've shared one of my favorite summer outfits and how gorgeous it is. More than anything this outfit is so perfect for the season. I've styled this gorgeous playsuit by @inthestyleuk I'm a way that is very modest and chic. 

Let's talks about the most perfect earrings this season. I love a good ball dangling pair of earring. These ones are from CharmingCharlie and they are so pretty I will be getting them in other colors soon. 

The colors ok my playsuit are contrasting but not in a way that is disruptive, but in a way that makes you want to style this outfit and love its bold stripe statement more. 

The length of this playsuit is what sold it for me. Being very comfortable and way below my butt cheek gave this playsuit all the checks it required. I love being able to style an outfit that everyone thinks should be somewhat revealing in a way that is more modest than you imagined. 


I haven't been to the gym in forever, I used to jog but I stopped a while ago. Honestly I'm not doing too badly though. That been said loves, let's take some time out to live and not get carried away trying to live. I've found myself almost drifting off sometimes but I am trying to find the balance in this world.

I will tell you one way I find the balance and these has helped me over and over again.

• I make sure not to get overwhelmed,  but if I do, I take a break


This transparent 80's inspired glasses are my fave this summer and I've paired it in most of my content recently. I love how it works perfectly with this outfit. 

I hope you have yourself some killer playsuits for this summer season and get some style inspiration from this blog post. 

     As always thank you for stopping by today. 

                          Outfit Details 
Playsuit; Inthestyleuk
Sandals; Primark (diy pompom)
Bag; use coupon "itoro" for discount when you checkout. 
Sunnies; sunglassesspot
Earrings; charmingcharlie 

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