I know spring is all about the pastel shades. But seriously lets talk about the shades that need to get the love that they deserve. 

How are you all doing ? I hope your week is off to a great start and you are getting the most out of it. Did you ask how about yourself Itoro? Mines going pretty awesome, lthough i have so many things on my mind which is why the blog posts have been coming in slowly. Forgive me , i will be right on track soon loves.

So i really want to rant a little about different cultures and how people are unable to accept the other persons culture even if it is temporarily. I am African and trust me, its not very tough for me to adjust to anther persons tribe or culture because of the kind of upbringing ive had. I get so worried when i see people forget values and culture in the name of; I am in the United States and there are diverse cultures; since they dont do it why should I. Rant over loves:Moral of the story for me is "Even if you live in another society never forget the values that have brought you thus far. As they say " When in Rome behave live the Romans" but I say try your best to do better and act based on what  your conscience tells you to do or say.


Lets talk about this HANky hem navy blue skirt and floral cold shoulder top. I love this outfit because it is so in season. Honestly, with this look classy never gets better. I love how full the skirt is and ho sexy the top is. This look is perfect for night outs and awards or even church. I really love been able to style simple yet classy outfits.

This entire outfit was inspired by the hanky hem or abstractly styled outfits from the NEW York fashion Week runway earlier this year. I love the irregularity of the skirt and how the top sits just perfectly.

i paired this outfit with my blush pink paired of pumps. This added a nice contrast to the whole look.So in love with this effortlessly styled outfit.

Thank you for stopping by as always loves. 

                                     outfit details 
Top: Zaful
Skirt; Zaful
Shoe; Just fab

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