She loves her body, she is confident that she looks awesome because she feels awesome. She looks in the mirror, what she sees is different from how she feels. Is this how you feel whenever you look in the mirror? if so, you are in the right place. I really what to touch on  more feminine issues on my blog. There's so much I go through as a woman and being able to share them with you and be real at the same time is the best part of it. Todays, feminine palava is "SHAPEWEAR or Not".

It all started in the year 2010, I had travelled to England on holiday. This will be one on the life changing transformations that I had ever experienced. I had eaten a lot of junk food and this will change my life forever. I went from a size Uk 8 to a UK 12. It seemed like it happened overnight. Don't get me wrong, without eating junk yes I had the potentials. But wait how did it happen on a 6 weeks vacation.

I soon felt uncomfortable and my eyes soon opened to new aspects of life. How easier life had become because of innovation and creativity. I found one thing that my became easier when I stumble on a pair of body shapers in  a PRIMARK store for the first time in my life.

I typically invest in a good pair of body shapers and at least change them every three months because they get loose. I have them in a variety of colors nudes and blacks. But more interestingly I have them I a full pant, pair of thongs/ G-strings and a full high waited tight. They always come in handy and help me especially when I have just eaten before a photoshoot. It slims my belly a little. I wear this most of the time as often as I need too.

There two lines that are definitely not wrinkles on my dress they are my pair of body shapers but never too obvious, find similar lines in kims picture.

If you are still in doubt, even celebrities put on a pair of body shapers even after having body surgery.  Check  out kim kardashians pictures in a pair of body shapers below. The best part is, if your body shaper is snug enough you will eventually be able to get the most out of wearing one. A good body shaper will help tone your body and keep your skin firm.

Okay ladies, ive received several questions about how I'm able to confidently style mini outfits, short dresses amongst other. I believe I have answered this questions. What are your thoughts on this post  and answer my question below,leave your comments.



I believe that every woman should embrace their true selves however, we live in a world where anything is possible and something innovative is always happening. If we have the opportunity to feel good about ourselves naked why not. If we don't let us focus on being better and boosting our self-esteem by purchasing a pair of body shapers.

ALL  BODY SHAPERS ARE FROM PRIMARK UK. Be sure to purchase some from brands like Spanx, Lasenza among others.

                     I hope you enjoyed reading todays post!! Have awesome Sunday loves!!

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