Over the years, during the spring season a lot of times large floral prints have been the norm. This spring 2017 season tiny floral prints are so in. I love the smaller petals because they seem a lot easier to style.

I love how this dress is simple yet cute, although i am not big on mini dresses, i am always willing to try out new things. This dress has layered pleats around the neck area and on the shoulder.

frill neck dress

I decided to pair this dress with a simple lace up sandal. One reason why i love this dress is you can dress it up with  a pair of heels  as i have done or down with a pair of flats .



spring 2017 dress 

Lets talk about remaining confident in what you do. I learned how to be confident from my teenage days. I got into university at a very young age, so trust me when i say it would have been very easy to be nervous when you have people that are almost the same age as your uncles and aunties in the same class with you.

Guess what, i never for once, felt like i couldn't fit in. I have always had that i can do all things mindset. Instead i constantly proved to myself and everyone around me that age, height or even body size was a non factor all that mattered was my mentality.

There a few things i have to do that keeps my confidence level high even when i feel a little down and under.

  • I stay optimistic and still try to be realistic in everything that i do. I have been saying this a lot lately the universe has to listen to the positive things i speak into my life. So even in trying times i am always confident that that too shall pass.
  • I dont stress so much about any situation. However, i am able to realize on time that no matter what i go through i will overcome. 
  • Finally, i set goals in life and even though i am unsure about the outcome. I take a step futher by marking out the path i want to take and strategies that will  help me achieve my goals .
These steps have really helped me remain confident in what i do especially in my 9-5 job and my blogging career. Hopefully these help you.

               IS BEING CONFIDENT BEING ARROGANT? Comment below loves!

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