I am not so great at styling outfits for spring and summer. These two seasons will be the determinants of what my style truly is. Oh well, hopefully, I can take this year as a learning experience as I've done in the past *blogging tip*.

I titled this blog post "Style Trends" because I know we often ask questions on what the seasons Pantone or designs are. We also ask questions like "it's spring and summer so I have to wear only shorts and short shorts "?. The answer is all in this blog post. 

No you do not have to wear short shorts because it's spring or summer. All you need to do as I always say is get creative and go with the vibe that's inside of you. 

So here's my question; What are the trends that you picked out in my outfit?.  One of them for me is this gorgeous pair of floral culottes. Truth be told, I wasn't expecting a Chiffon y' fabric but it turned out awesome. I love how I am able to style free and cozy outfits during the summer and spring season. 


I asked a question a week ago on my Instagram page. About the "Mule" trend. Which do you prefer high heeled mule or a pair of flat mule? Most responses were it all depends on if the high heeled pair were these cute but some people also talked about the flags giving more comfort. 
I am totally in love with this shoe. It's all that I needed to complete this look. Very fun pair and comfy *honestly*. 


Let's get up close with this double frill khaki top. The fabric is a little thick but nothing I can complain about, because this top is everything. It's perfect for night outs, day time hangouts and its khaki which makes it even better. 

I added this woven choker to this look, to help with my neck not looking bare. I love this entire look it has everything that the spring season is about. 
I typically don't carry my hangbags in pictures but this gorgeous embroidered designed bag was just perfect for this look. 

"Babes stroll into your dreams and work on achieving better and trust me the sky is just as big". I really love these road shots and the backdrop I like a little rustic vibe sometimes. 


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                    OUTFIT DETAILS 
TOP: Boohoo
SHOE: Zaful
CHOKER: Burlington 
BAG: Zaful

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