And so this skirt made a third appearance on the blog. It will not be the last as well. 

I didn't want to style these pieces together at first but as I looked for my third outfit on my shoot daythis was a spontaneous selection. 

metallic skirt

As a fashion blogger you get inspiration from the most random thoughts or imaginations. Piecing outfits together creatively is a piece of work on its own. 

Metallic bomber jacket  
In today's post I've styled this gorgeous metallic bomber jacket and metallic silver skirt. I picked this look together with a very high end thought in my head. 

When you dream of being at NYFW your imaginations run wild based on the different styles that I have seen on the runway and on the street by bloggers. 

Metallics for spring 2017 
This metallic skirt is a wardrobe staple, I believe everyone should have a little bit of shine like this metallic skirt, away from the typical sequin designs. 

This look is perfect for anytime and season or outing. Hang out with the girls, Party with Bae or even church to be honest. 
This days when I shoot my looks I always try to explore to get different vibes and feels from the look that will help portray the outfit in great light for you my readers. 

I love the embroidery on the back of this bomber jacket and how comfortable it is to slip on. This pairing is awesome and I love the contrast of silver and black; talk about (bad and boujee).


To get to a higher place, many challenges will occur but you need to stand firm and stay strong and you will get to the finish line in time. 

I really hope you get inspire to add some steel shine to your wardrobe this spring season. 

Thank you for stopping by as always today! please leave comment in the comment section below! 

                            "MUCH LOVE"

                      Outfit Details 
Top: Tailor made by @labels__ on Instagram 
Skirt: Boohoo USA
Boots: Zaful
Sunnies: Ross
Bomber: Zaful
Slingbag: Zaful

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