I really want to be honest and pour it all out. How I've felt,  How I've been feeling and how I feel now. At the end of this post, I would love your my beautiful readers to tell me how you imagine that I should feel.

Alright loves enough, guess what? It's my birthday ..Yay!!!!!. I really just want to tell you a little more about myself and eventually talk about my gorgeous outfit. 

Yes I turned twenty something hence the ??(question mark). Really want to appreciate you all for the support through the years, I appreciate my friends and family (parents, siblings & relatives)  for molding me through this journey. The people I've met too over the years, whether it ended good or bad it was a learning experience and I appreciate everyone. 



I'm sure you think that I'm a bad girl now, yes because I have a cigarette holder in my palm. Well, don't be too quick to judge, I wanted my photo shoot to have a theme,  as I imagined sitting in front of the camera posed with both palms on my thighs. But that's not me, I get excited in front of a camera or maybe I have that fierce look on as well.

Hence, I went with one of my favorite actresses signature style, the gloves and the cigarette holder (AUDREY HEPBURN). 

I love the edgy vibe that this gave me. I want to feel like royalty because truly that's how I feel on the inside. I had a question mark because I don't think knowing my age or not makes a difference. But let's face it, some people with get mad yo!! When they know how old you are and they become even more corny. We would drop it, but seriously can you guess? 



Over the years, especially after I turned 18 I've always felt a little bit of anxiety whenever it was almost my birthday. Just like today, feeling a little bit of im growing  older too quickly yet feeling grateful for another year. 


I really want to let you know how fun and interesting I am as a person. My sense of humor may not be 100% but I definitely know  how to make you catch up a little. 

Wondering why I have a tea cup and a flask in my hand? It's signifies "WHISKY IN TEA" . That's the kind of woman I am. Plain and very casual in person but when you get to know me I'm very fun, interesting, exciting and more.  Just like literally drinking Whisky in tea *winks* .



1) Be grateful for everything and anything you have because showing gratitude makes us receive more.

2) Do not be mean to people, instead sicialize with them and create a balance in your friendship or relationship, you never know where you will meet them in the future.

3) Be content, even the Bible states this. Lack of contentment breeds evil. I suggest taking things one step at a time, achieve one goal at a time. 

4) Embrace your flaws, flaws are just a reminder that nobody is perfect, so the next time you look in the mirror and feel like you need to get work done on some part of your body.. remember that no ones perfect  and other people have bigger problems.Hence, stay grateful and embrace your inner beauty.


5) Wear that crown of beauty and glory. Don't force or  try to be someone else to impress others. Be yourself, don't forget to stand tall and wear a crown like a pineapple. 

6) Our body types don't define us, which is one of the reasons why I started a fashion and style blog. To help a lot of us define what we feel is comfortable and point it out that being curvy doesn't mean you can't be style. My loves, embrace your curves no matter who/where you are. 

7) Work on your talent and gift. It's in you, you just have to start now (give it a shot). Just as we are all just giving life a shot. 

8) Procratination is one of the biggest problems we all face, do not procrastinate, do it now, there's no said right time but put your best foot forward and watch the magic unfold. 

9) Create your own inner beauty, find that magic in you and share it with the world. 

10) Finally, Be your own kind of beautiful and rock it till the end of time!! 


Everything that I have told you that I learnt were not handed down to me. I've had to learnt them on my own by putting everything into perspective. 

As I turn a year older today I want to share twenty something facts about me with you. If you haven't met me I'm person this is going to make you feel like you know me already.. Read few  facts about me below ...

- I love been creative it makes me happy 
- I live for my family, love my  family more than anything or anyone. 
- I have a very tiny circle of friends(smaller the better)
-I talk a tad lot and only just realized this recently (covers face).
-Very social individual but wouldn't mind if you say hi to me first (lol). 
- Crazy about my curves, super grateful
- Scared of flying but I travel 10hours or longer. 
- I love dancing it brings me so much peace. 
- I can be girly but I hate taking the nail polish off my nails so I don't even bother painting them. 
- I have to use a very hard toothbrush
-Even if we have never met I make sure that you feel comfortable talking to me. 

Thank you so much for the constant love and support. Love you guys! Pray for me (this year has to be filled with breakthrough and great possibilities). 

                      XOXO ITORO!! 

                      Outfit Details  
Dress; Boohoo
Sandals: DSW 
Glove/cigar holder; Amazon
Crown: Amazon 
Balloons; Party City 

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