Happy Sunday loves, it's almost the start of a new week and it will definitely be the start of a new month. 

The month of February is synonymous with different things like women's  month and theost popular one Valentine's Day. A time to spread and share some love and delicious meals too. 

Let's talks about Lean cuisine. A brand that helps you create fun and delicious meals that are healthy and mouth watering. I promise you it tastes as good as it looks.  

I have collaborated with lean cuisine to bring you a few Valentine's Day dinner ideas. That are healthy and fun to make at home while you spend the day with your loved ones. 
This plate of food above is the Steak Potabella. Very yummy!! I will tell you more below . 

This is the Chicken in Sweet Barbecue sauce. Find out more below as well. 
The steak potabella  and the well seasoned broccoli was  my favorite. I like how it's a small portion yet so filling with the other parts of this meal. I added a varetity of nuts as I'm not one to eat one kind in one sitting. Pretzels, cashew, peanut, almond nuts amongst others were my top picks. 

Don't forget about your fruits loves, hence my apple slices. Finally, a referenshing glass of water with some lemon slices.  Oh so yummy!! Bae will put a ring on it....

  My second selection was this Chicken in seeet barbecue sauce. Honestly, I am very picky when it comes to trying out sweet and sour food. This lean cuisine meal got me hooked. Trust me guys this was so delicious, the cheese mashed and chopped potatoes was ahhhhh!!! So delicious. Some orange juice and some peanuts (with or without yoghurt), my loves Ild  say no more. 

Peanuts by itself seemed boring so I added some yourghutt to it. Very fun to eat !!! 


Thank you for stopping by today!! Don't forget to get ready for Valentine's Day grab yourself some Lean Cuisine meals and have fun while creating healthy meals with your loved ones on Valentine's Day. 


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