Happy shoe Tuesday loves!! I wanted to quickly share my gorgeous five year old  diy shoes with you Loves!! 

If you've read my next post  you would see how I styled this gorgeous pair of shoes ( I call them my reincarnated pair ) lol!! 

The picture above shows my shoe before I worked wonders on it.. looks five years old to me.  Which is why I thought it needed some kind of transformation. 

Tools that you need for this; 

Pair of shoes. 
Pompom or embellishment that you want to use. 
Hot glue gun 
A pair of scissors 


I should have taken pictures of the placement process. But since this is the first of the many Diys Ild be doing, pardon me . 

Count the embellishment and place them in the order that you want them to look, they should be symmetrical. 

It should come out like this. The only difficult aspect for me as placing the tiny pompoms on the straps. 


Placing pompoms on the strap was quite tricky because mine were tiny they kept falling off and I got burnt a couple of times by the hot glue gun. 

Myadvice whenever you want to work with tiny pieces and a hot glue gun wear something to protect your fingers.  


Overall, this was pretty easy to create and recreate and totally love it. 

          Ild like to know your thoughts loves!! 

Thank you for stopping by today loves!! 

You can get embellishments from  arts and craft stores or a dollar store. 

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