So many lessons learnt in the year 2016, hmmm. Super grateful that I can use it as learning experiences that will help me this new year (2017). On this note,  Happy New Year loves may this year bring happiness and joy and peace to you and yours. 

     In today's, post I have so much to share, from this gorgeous outfit that I've collaborated with @zaful to bring to you loves to talking about New year resolutions for my ladies to go by. 

 I've collaborated with @Zaful a Chinese brand,  which is fast becoming one of my favorite brands. Because of their unique styles and on trend pieces. 

My gorgeous flare sleeved jumper and flare pant is from @zaful. I paired this flare pieces together because I love how fluid it looks. 

Let's talk about the extra flare nature of this pant, so chic and very trendy. Can be worn in diferent ways and  it's very timeless. 


I decided to go for a more neutral look with my shoes. Hence, the nude and black pair of pumps from @justfab. I honestly wasn't up for the usually all black look. 


*Clears throat* , my ladies I know it's not easy but last year I had so many things on my mind to do and not to do. I found myself replaying the dont's over and over again. Seriously, I felt like I couldn't really stick to my gut instincts for the whole year if I found myself in certain situations. 

 These donts are  some of the things I'm here to talk about; 

                       Finding Mr Right

 The search for Mr right seems  like a race that you are running with an invincible finish line. Here's what you shouldn't do, Don't feel the pressure to settle if it doesn't feel %100 right. You know the saying "it's not how far but how well". He is coming, he will find you, you don't need to settle, but just believe he  is somewhere in 2017, open your heart and you will find him. 


Sex, sex, sex, *sings* it's something that has become very common in relationships, situations or whatever tag you've put on it. Trust me, you can feel free to do whatever with whoever, just make sure that it's worth it and you have no regrets. But here's what you shouldn't do; Do not have sex without protection if you cannot abstain. Feeling a little bit of urge maybe get yourself a toy, I won't judge you with the hormones constantly fluctuating, hmmm I understand. Never ever assume that you cannot do without sex (you sure can). Above all, you can just simply wait until you find Mr Right (Celebacy) and avoid the increasing body count. 

It's hard to find guys/Men that want to be/stay committed to you. I know, I know, but if you can remain open minded and pray to God you will most definitely find a man that loves you the way you are, and is ready to stay committed to you. But here's what you shouldn't do; Judge a book by its cover just because he looks a certain way doesn't mean he is automatically terrible, it's a mans heart that matters. As long as his heart beats for you and he factors you into everything he does,  trust me dating would be a walk in the park. 

                            Finding God 
The King of all Kings!! He is here with us in everything we do. No matter what religious belief you have. I'm sure you have faith in God or a god. Just make sure you are right with him. Avoid sin in all forms, pray ceaselessly, speak to him like you are talking to a friend he listens. One way I've become closer to God is by doing activities in the church, join the choir, young adult groups, prayer groups amongst others. Be right with him, and he will never fail you this year. 

                       Breaking Bad Habits

I personally have a few bad habits that I have been struggling with for years. But you may think about my behavior when I say (bad habits). But truly I am talking about everything from gestures, mentality, physical actions, the way we speak, dress, eat, live our lives as a whole. Here's what you shouldn't do; act like you know it all, speak rudly to people, dress shabbily/tacky remember you will be adressed by the way you dress. 



All these rules are what ild be applying to my life this new year. I decided to share this with you ladies!!  Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this post today.  Thank you for stopping by Loves!! 

                      Happy New Year!! Xoxo

PANTS: Zaful
SHOES: JustFab
CLUTCH: Micheal Kors 
SUNNIES: Fxsnjunkie

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