Hello loves, just another day with me and my stylish self.. hahaha 

I had an event to attend and it was themed the ugly sweater, to be honest I really thought about decorating this sweater to fit that ugly theme, but I thought nooo wayyy!!! So there you have it my cute ugly sweater. 

Want to find out more about this outfit ? Keep reading!!

This holiday season, a lot of parties are usually themed sparkle, shine, glitter but let's not forget the ugly Christmas sweater themed parties. If you really want to take your outfit to the next level this outfit a really good source of inspiration. 


I decided to walk the walk in the outfit because I realized how basic, people dress when they have and ugly sweater on by just paiting it with a a pair of jeans, but I'm more of the "ild rather werk it" type of person, hence my supposed to be ugly sweater is probably so cute to you all. 


It's pretty simple, a tutu/tulle skirt is a must have during the holidays, especially for the parties hence my tailored tutu skirt is just so perfect. Red and blue are colors that compliment each other so well too so this was a perfect combination. 



How would you style your ugly  sweater apart from pairing it with jeans? Leave a comment below!!

Feeling warm, chic,cosy and stylish is mostly my goal this season, so this jumper look is everything. 



My shoes are pretty simple on the eye. Just a pair of Colbalt blue pumps to compliment my jumper, I love how this helps with color  transitioning. 



I hope you enjoyed reading this post today. So the next ugly sweater Christmas party you are attending doesn't have to be styled ugly!!! 

       Thank you for stopping by!!xoxo

                OUTFIT DETAILS 
Jumper: Kroger 
Tulle skirt: Tailor made by @nitossignature on IG 
Shoes: Aldo 
Wristwatch: Micheal Kors 
Sunnies: Ross 

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