Hello loves, happy thanksgiving day, I am super thankful for life and life in abundance. What are you all thankful for? Please leave your comments below. 

In today's post, I'm talking about one of the many other reasons I'm thankful for; been able to shop this holiday and still keep my sanity. 
So I know a lot of you are constantly searching for gift ideas. Which is why i have  decided to help you cut through the hassle by telling you about one of the perfect holiday gifts that every age group and everybody in your family would be happy to have.


Warby Parker is a designer eyewear brand, offering great quality sunglasses and eyeglasses at a revolutionary price. Trust me guys with a good eyewear, you get great outcomes. 
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If you think it's pricy look into the way your regular eyeglasses are made compare it with  Warby Parker. The sunglasses are made out of quality materials using great techniques.  Talking about, 100% UV protection, Polycarbonate lens, anti-scratch treatments (yes antiscratch) and finally, no smudge thanks to the super-hydrophobic anti-reflective coating.


 All these reasons are why you should get a new pair of Warby Parker eyeglasses for your grandparents/ parents and a pair of Warby Parker sunglasses for your cool brothers and sister this holiday season. 

Warby Parker has a 5day home Try-on programme  where you get the opportunity to pick five frames and decide whether certain frames are the perfect fit for 
I am currently on day 4 of 5 and the response I've received from you all has been amazing. I will be uploading a full review on my thoughts on each of the sunglasses I selected soon on the blog. 

Thank your for stopping by today!!! Don't forget to purchase your Warby Parker Eye/Sunglasses today, the perfect gift this holiday. Xoxo 

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