Hello loves, Happy  almost friday to you all. I promise you its been a very stressful week for me, to the point where i kept procrastinating my blog posts. 

I have good news to share with you all. October is the month that HowIstyledit turned one yay!!. Even though technically i created this blogsite two years ago, proper handwork and effort only started two years ago. In celebration i have this You balloons  and i hope you like them.

In todays,sharing my love for this metallic skirt and gray shades. Lately ive been going back to my old obsessions. Colors like grays, nudes, burgundy and white are my go to during the fall season. I found myself styling gray outfits lately, sorry in advance guys if i suddenly goes all gray in here. 

Ive paired the perfect sweater with this metallic skirt from  very affordable and gorgeous. I also paired this look with these different shades of gray clutch and shoes. This loo was pretty easy to put together based on the fact that initially i was skeptical about styling metallics. This outfit is just perfect for fall, throw on a coat and you are ready to slay with the perfect layers.

Read what you need to know about blogging from my two years and counting experience. 

 The journey has not been easy. Ever heard of patience being a virtue. Thats exactly the situation when it comes to blogging. You need to believe that through hard work and consistency your blogging experience will pay off. I will be sharing more tips on what the benefits of blogging are.

One year of putting in more effort through fashion/style pictures and great content.

SHOE: Jessica Simpson
CLUTCH: Micheal Kors
SUNGLASSES: Burlington

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