Morning loves, how you doing?. Lol. It's throwback Thursday and I want to throwitalltheway back to Tuesday 8th of March, 2016. 

I was at work and suddenly my stone starts buzzing. People were telling me that they had just seen me on The WendyWilliams Tv Show, in the instaglam segment. 

I was featured on the show, read the original outfit blogpost  here . Glad she loved my style and I'm proud of myself and I know my parents, siblings, friends and family are also proud of me. 

It's so humbling to be doing what you love and get noticed for it in a postive way. The link to that segment of the show is not yet online, so I watched it live and tv and filmed it from my tv screen with my phone, hence the poor quality picture screenshots. 

In today's, post I wasn't to encourage you to chase your dreams, you might not see gains immediately, but when God decides that it's time for him to uplift you nothing can stop you. 

You can watch the video by adding me on Instagram, on the right side of the screen with your computer or at the bottom of the page if you are viewing with your mobile device. 

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