Hello loves, how have you all been? Still trying to adjust to the new week... I had a great weekend, a very chilled weekend. 

However, I got up earlier today and after reflecting on different situations and thinking about personal growth I decided to share this post with you all. Ild be touching on fashion, lifestyle, styling, weight gain and weight loss, relationship, finding love, education or academics amongst others. Hopefully, I can touch on every subject.

Before we move any further, allow me to introduce this outfit. Lol. I was going for a very casual and easy peasy look. Hence, the jersey skirt and Cami top and the chiffon trench on that windy day. 

I paired this outfit with a pair of open toe, block heel sandal and my favorite bag by gucci. I've fallen out of the choker season    a little bit but for this look I decided to go for it. Outfit details will be below this post.

Today, I'm sharing some personal information read more below: 

In life we are faced with challenges as much as we get the good things that life has to offer. I often ask myself, What if there were no challenges what would we leave for?.

 A young girl, educated striving to become a better version of herself.

Sometimes, she feels like life would be a lot better if the dreams she dreamt came to reality over night. One day she realized that the good things in life happen when we least expect and as a result of the efforts we put in. 

Joy and happiness are a few of the feelings felt every stage in her life as she aced every challenge with great accomplishments. 

Although, sometimes it seemed as it there was no hope at times, Alas, she found a better place when she realized that happiness comes from within,not from people or material things. 

Inspired to do what she loved and be who she always wanted to be. 
Determination was  key. It took a while to find that out. Thankfully, she decided to pursue her love for fashion and styling  through blogging and inspiring people. 

How will she do this? Models are skinny. Will she be accepted? Will people support her? Will being curvy be a flaw or  otherwise? so many things went through her mind until she decided to first love and accept herself without caring about what people will say. 

Do you see her? Do you see beyond her imperfections? Can you love her for who she is? Strong, focused, Goal oriented, humble, loving?. Yes, he could. The road was never going to be straight it would be crooked. However, in the end it will be worth it. 

Now she will leave, step out of her comfort zone so that she can be a better version of herself, find new opportunities and experience life in a different way. 

Now, she has found herself. She is gradually becoming the woman she dreamt that she will become one day. A woman that made mistakes but learnt from them. A woman that is loved and does not need to be loved. A woman of intergrity and virtue.

 So proud to be this woman because I am her and She is me. 

               Outfit Details:
Top: Forever 21 
Skirt : Primark 
Shoe: Chinese Laundry 
Trench : Old fave 
Bag: Gucci

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