It's Friday again and for anyone like me it's a day to be as casual as you can be. 

Here's a quick and easy to put together casual Friday look in today's post.

I wouldn't want to bore you by writing how amazing this outfit is although the boots put the icing on the cake for me. 

Anyway, here's a go to casual look for me. I literally throw on this chiffon trench coat like jacket, an oversize basic top and a pair of jeans. Pretty easy to put together right? Lol. 

To add a it of edge and add to look fierce you can put on a basic choker and your boots this is as casual as I can get. 

I'm either looking extremely gorgeous in and expensive outfit or I look like I have no sense of styling at all.. 

I hope you like this post. Stay stylish. See outfit details and more pictures below.. 

Outfit Details
Top: Bourlington Coat factory 
Jeans: Forever 21 
Boots: Bourlington coat factory
Bag : DKNY
Trench: Thrifted 
Choker : Bourlignton coat factory 

Photograph by F.Bassey Photography 

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