Summer Days In NYC- Life Update, Fashion and Lifestyle Hacks

I cannot believe it! its been months since I put up a blog post. As always im living my reality my loves. It could be better, I could be on a schedule but when life hits you, you have got to hit life right back. That's the point that I am at.


In todays post, im sharing my life update. What ive been up to and what im planning todo. Also, ild be sharing fashion and lifestyle hacks and tips that will get you to the next level.

Before I share these hacks, can we talk about this gorgeous outfit. This was my first outfit and first photoshoot in a while and I really wanted to test myself to see if I still got it. Honestly, I think I still got it (flips hair). When something is in you, it stays with you forever.

This outfit is my definition of summer in a nutshell! bright colors and contrasting with neutrals is a very fun color for summer. I paired this suit with a snake print bralet for that contrast. I didn't want to go for too many colors but I wanted a pop and also toned it down. Those flowers complement this summer colors already. This look is perfect for any event, and you can dress it down with a pair ofr sneakers.

What have I been up to? Oh dear! my loves ive been working, working and working. I think Rihanna sang 'Work' for me hahahahah… Life as an adult is another ball game entirely. Honestly, im working on rebranding my shop and producing more clothing items. I usually take this period to revamp myself.

I am all for standing tall and achieving your dreams. I am also all for living your best life without being in debt or trying to show off. Which is why I want to talk about fashion and lifestyle hacks.

  •  As a blogger, when I am preparing to create content. I tend to shop during sales and i am on a major budget to get trendy and fashionable items at an affordable price.

  •  In life, just  stay prayerful and God will be working on your case until he feels like its the right time for you to receive what he has planned for you.
  •  I have found that i am able to navigate through life, by actual knowing my truth and knowing who i am. I dont try to understand every single thing everyone says. I take it with a pinch of salt and move on.
  • As far as knowing what to wear and style. I am that girl that looks at the pantone for each season and the trends too. Not all trends are for me, so I style only my top fave trends.

This hm sandals are the bomb. They deserved a moment on their own. Are they comfortable you asked ? errrrrrrrr… not so much I think that's because I bought a size up. Why? they only come in size 8, 9 etc and I wear mostly half sizes. I still love it though perfect for summer.

                                                 What do you think?.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I will be posting some more blogposts every week. Kindly follow me on Instagram (@howistyledit) to get updates.

                                 Thank you for stopping by as always.

Outfit Details

Suit; Boohoo
Sandals: H&M
Bralet: Rainbow clothing
Purse: Boohoo

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