It’s been a few months sisnce my last blog post! This year is going by so fast! I hope that you all are starting to reap the results of your new year resolutions. There’s still plenty of time so don’t loose faith y’all. 


In today’s post I’m so excited about spring and how amazing the weather in houston is getting. Bro I just want to stay in this weather all year, can I?

This outfit is spring inspired, striped dresses and shift dresses with ruffles, rouge and more are in this season. They also have a vintage style to it, kinda like that 80’s glam!!  Which is why I fell in love with this dress. Super cute, chic and well detailed I received a lot of compliments on the day of shoot. 

I decided to keep the detail minimal with this look as the dress itself is a show stopper already... hehehehe!! 
I paired this look with this vintage style round clip on earrings from @cititrends. It’s very simple yet chic. 

The length of this dress was perfect enough for a night out and decent enough for a day dress to brunch. I love everything about this look. 

A basic full shot wouldn’t do justice so a close up shot of the sleeve detail is everything. I can’t even start to explain more it’s already self explanatory. 

 It was tough but I finally decided  to pair this dress with a rose gold sandal after several attempts to Brian storm on the shoe to wear and I failed. My clutch is a simple chic sling bag by Prada. My favorite as well. 

If you want to be motivated keep reading, Ild tell you why the cloud is big enough and how you can benefit from thinking positively!       

                The cloud is big enough 

Before I wrap up, let’s talk about the cloud being big enough for us all to fit in. I started blogging 4 years ago now. I’ve had to learn the business and branding from my point of view. Many will say there are too many blogger out there, doing the same thing. I never saw myself in that way. I always see myself as a unique being and I’m always blooming where I’m planted. 

You see, if you see yourself a certain way! 10 times out of 10 you are what you see or how you see yourself! My last Instagram post, I looked at myself in the picture and what  I thought of myself instantly was my caption. I said “ Nobody wants to eat spaghetti bolognese without the sauce - I’m the Sauce”.  Honestly, that’s how I truly think about myself everyday. 

I want you to do the same, proclaim what you want and it will happen, pray to God and he will answer and also put in the work and act on your dreams and it will come to pass!! 

I hope you enjoyed ready today’s post and someone needs this and finds their voice through this post!! Have a blessed day 

                Outfit Details;
Dress; Shein
Sandal: Macy’s 
Purse: Prada
Earring: Cititrends

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