Happy new year loves. Seriously, its been kinda weird the way the year started but the good thing is Gods got us all and he has promised us so many things this year. I trust in him because he has never and will never fail!

     Before i write all these amazing things in this blog post i want to remind us first that, with God all things are possible.So put everything about 2019 in his hand.  I have a long list  of things i need God to do this year.

In todays post, its going to be about my life update and this amazing Toyota Highlander 2019 Hybrid collaboration. Grab your chips and a soda! Alright, so i'm sharing my life update. What i'm up to as well as this amazing 2019 Toyota collaboration that i'm a part of.

     My life is set up in such a way that i am grateful. I truly want to tell you all the good and the bad but i cant put myself out here. All i can say is i'm grateful no matter the situation. Work is going well for me, blogging is still the same old and i cant complain. My family and loved ones are doing great!Hallelujah!!!

     Lets talk about this Toyota collaboration. Years ago I kept saying to myself blogger A & B are working with car manufacturers, I want that too. You see, it took me time to relies that when its your time it will happen.

I got reached out to by Toyota to promote their show at  Houston Auto Show. I personally love Toyota so my partner and I we really eager to attend the show. But before the show we took the car on a spin to experience the car ourselves! I must say it was a great experience. I was gifted the 2019 Toyota highlander Hybrid. It was just such an  amazing experience. We fell in love with the car and knew immediately that we had to show you all.

There are so many amazing features but the one that we found most fascinating was this entertainment feature. If you have kids this is perfect so they don't get bored. You can watch DVDs like my niece and nephew in the picture above. Follow them on Instagram @itsmaymaysworld.

     Oh can you see @lensgineer doing his thing with his camera? follow him on Instagram.The interior of this car is so modern and you can see 2019 (futuristic) written all over it. It has a magnified mirror again if you have kids and they are throwing tantrums you can stare them in the face and say (im watching you like my sister does to her kids )lol!!!!!

Can we talk about the space in the car and the trunk. It perfect for a road trip, the driver speaker which helps send the voice to the back of the car so you don't have to yell. Even the fact that its hybrid made a difference its very good on gas.

     Above all in this post, I want to encourage you all. Whatever you are all praying for will happen when its your time. Also, If you are thinking of getting a new whip? consider checking out the 2019 Toyota highlander or if this doesn't cut it for you, definitely pick up a Toyota ride and I promise you wont regret it.

Of course this was a gifted collaboration and the car is back with Toyota. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I will be posting the PART 2 (which is when we went to the Houston Auto Show with Toyota).

                             As always thank you for stopping by! Stay tuned for my next post!!

                                                             OUTFIT DETAILS
Jumper & Pants: DDs Discount
Sneakers: Target