I am a strong believer of waiting for the perfect time. I don't like to rush into things although I love to work towards the perfect time.

Before I start talking  about how I am able to stay positive, amidst any setbacks that may stop me from getting the most out of my perfect time, let's talk about this gorgeous outfit. 

So I know you are thinking, who color blocks in winter? Me!!! that's my response. I decided to style this gorgeous burgundy pant and orange blouse by the gorgeous @aladukeh on Instagram. I am working with Nigerian fashion designers to create awareness about wearing Nigerian tailored made clothing.   

I love the ruffles on the blouse for that extra edge. I also love the cut of the pants and oh do you see the neck tie piece (ah so in love).

Burgundy and Burnt orange (hmmmm that kinda rhymes), but these colors are so in this F/Wseason. I love how perfect this combo is.

As always I am loving the beret season which is why I styled this burgundy beret. The perfect paring I must say. Love it !!!

How do I know the timing is right? 

Because I didn't compare myself to everyone else and their timing. 

I didn't think about how the other person is making waves and I am not.

I didn't say hey! She/He is doing awesome now why am I not because I am supposed to be. 

I waited! 

I watched the clock!

I realized that all fingers are not equal, so also everyone's time is different because there's a time for everything! 

Feeling down, just pick yourself back up and know that you time to shine is coming and nobody would be able to stop you at that point. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I truly hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

                Outfit details;
Blouse & Pant; @Aladukeh on Instagram. 
Shoes; Just fab
Hat; Ross 

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