Mellow Yellow or not so Mellow Yellow. Todays post is all about this yellow slip dress, which is the highlight of todays look. I wanted to talk about the journey to "SELF REALIZATION". An important journey that each human being has to embark on to get to their destination in order to fulfil their purpose on the earth. Before we start this discussion lets talk about this gorgeous look.
yellow dress

I paired this gorgeous slip maxi mustard dress with thos gorgeous Victorian collar blouse. I love how this work will as  layers for the season. My goal is always to layer and look stylish which is what this look stands for. 


Let's talk Self Realization. My journey didn't start off easy. It was a rocky start mentally for me. Doing things that I never thought I could and taking steps that I didn't know I could. But I did eventually and it payed off. 


How did you work on becoming the best version of myself you asked? Well, all I did was see the good in the things I thought were my strengths and worked on them. 

I'm not going to lie, I had to find the strength in doing what I knew everyone didn't agree with, like blogging. All I did was "Start". I started piecing outfits together and styling them and everything started fall in place. 

Quick talk about my look, I'm loving everything metallic lately. They go perfectly with everything and I love this metallic purse and slippers. They are my go to and I love them. The mules work well with this pairing gives it that extra casual vibe. 

I'm sorry I didn't define what Self Realization was but it's basically; about finding your voice and doing what you think is right. I found my voice and I made myself heard. Totally not yet at my destination but the goal is to get there one way or another, slow and steady and yes ok still win the race. 

Tips that will help you on the journey of "Self Realization".

• Make a list of your goals and aspirations. 

• Stick to them, people may not agree with your ideas but you have to keep pushing and they with resonate with you. 

• Finally, know your worth, know who or what you stand for. Create the life you dreamed and you will be just fine. 

I hope you truly enjoyed reading this post and I hope you stay motivated to do what you want think is good for yourself. 

               OUTFIT DETAILS
Dress; Shein
Blouse; Zaful 
Mules; Burlington 
Sunnies; SunglassesLa 
Bag; Ross 

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