Happy Monday and New month loves. It's time to reflect on what the first two months in the year 2017 meant to us. 

I really am a positive person, which is one of the major things I love to bear in mind . Not to bore you loves!! Let's get to today's absolutely  gorgeous look.

In today's post I'm sharing my love for this pretty embroidered mini dress. I love the flouncy look from the waistline to the top of my knee. This is one of the things that really wowed me and made me select this dress as a spring staple.

The embroidered detailing on the entire dress is astonishing. Every time I stare at this piece in my closet I dream of wearing it to events or out on a warm spring day and I can't imagine how many compliments ild get. 



A dress that is not snug and gives you comfort, roomy yet chic (sheek). These are some of the many reasons why I love this piece and think you my readers need to purchase a pair. 



Let's talk about last spring, I was really all about my pastels, don't get me wrong I still am about my pastels this season. But I really want to play around with prints and patterns this spring season(2017). 
Oops!! I tripped, trust me ladies the path to success is not an easy one, you may trip or stumble severally but how fast you pick yourself up and try again is what really matters ( foodforthought). 



Do you have any specific spring trends that you are currently in love with


I paired this dress with a pair of heely gladiator sandals. This gives that extra chic look. I was going for a look that doesn't  scream winter like the booties. 


A pair of sunglasses is a wardrobe staple for all seasons, all year round. I love my sunglasses as you can probably tell. Hence, why I paired this gorgeous  sunglasses with my outfit. 



 This outfit is just perfect for this season.. I love it so much and will definitely restyle it in future posts. 

         Thank you for stopping by as always!! 

                       Love, Itoro. 

            OUTFIT DETAILS
Dress; Zaful 
Shoes ; Burlington
Sunnies; Ross 
Clutch; dkny 

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