It's Friday loves, so ready for the weekend. Are you? I hope you are having an awesome year so far? February is almost over and I really am counting my blessings. Are you? 

In today's post, I'm talking about how tired I am of layering. Lol. I mean it's February right and I'm really eager to have a little sunshine and stop having these allergies. Here's to loosing patience waiting for summer 2017. *Rant Over *


Let's talk about this gorgeously layered outfit, that should have been on the blog sometime last year, this look is fall worthy. Since yesterday was throwback Thursday, I said let ressurect the looks that didn't make it to the blog. 

I paired this burnt orange turtle neck sweater with a pair of navy jeans, my nude coat and this pair of denim heels. This pretty much somes up the look. 

I was going for a casual yet chic look, this look has no place in February 2017, hahaha but serious love the layering. 

What are your thoughts on this pair of just fab heels? 


Thought I should chip this in; Walking through trials and tribulations is  one of the most difficult things to do in life. But I can assure you that with God all things are possible, he is always with us. 

Finally, this look is well worthy for the just concluded NYFW. It's snowing in New York and layering is really important , seriously babes I think this look will land you in a magazine or with a job in some agency ...heehehehe


This has been a different blog post!! I hope I made you laugh and also fall in love with this look. 

Hopefully, the bipolar weather in houston gets better and we can do away with layering and finally welcome the spring season. 

Thank you for stopping by!! 
                                Outfit Details 
Sweater; (old)
Jeans;  L'patricia
Shoes: Just Fab
Sunnies: Ross 
Coat: (thrifted)

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