Can we throw it all the way back to last friday night!! I had a wonderful time with these gorgeous ladies. I dont just see them as friends but sisters that i want to grow with.

 Earlier in the year i attended a brunch which was organised by the gorgeous fashion blogger Chime or (_aroundthewaygyrl) on Instagram.  When i got invited to this bowling event i was so excited.  The fact that melanated women could come together and share their blackgirlmagic was amazing, Taking away from the ideology that women compete with each other. Just being able to grow together and build each others brand through networking was important.

Th brunch was one of my first events to attend as a blogger and at that point i didnt understand the power of networking. Lets talk more about this event.

The location is one of things i love. Very jive and had people who just really wanted to have fun, basically came out for the fun. Bowl&Barrels in the City Center Houston was the bowling alley used. The service was awesome  food and drinks were delicious. I also like the fact that unlike other bowling alleys it wasnt over crowded. Everyone had their own space.

This event really enlightened me to the importance of networking. I met a lot of gorgeous ladies that  are my social media friends and we connected and work together or plan on working together.

This event was awesome. I have listed a few important tips about networking and its benefits. Continue reading to view them.

Networking involves connecting and interacting with people. Sharing information and contact details to help develop both parties goals and aspirations. 
Some important things that everyone needs to know are:
  •  Be outspoken, come out of your shell. An icebreaker would be a great start.
  • Compliment each other if theres something they have on share your thoughts.
  • Love, the more love you spread the more the universe is in unism with you and you will receive love in return.
  • Share your career goals, make sure you are attending events with like minds this will help you build your contact and career goals.

Delicious Pizza and Candy floss

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