Do you ever dream of the days where you can hang out by the beach. Laying on a towel,with your hat covering your face while you get a tan. It's exactly what I was dreaming off. With the constant rainfall currently in Houston, I could really use some sunshine.

In today's post I've styled this lace overall, I put on a sports bra and a high waisted bodycon short. This is a look I will be going for this summer by the beach or to a swimming pool party. The hat compliments this look but I will switch if for a woven hat which is more in season now. 

I have shoes on and in this picture but you definitely want to change that to a pair of gorgeous slippers or a comfortable pair of sandals. 

I love being comfortable in my skin and that for me is baring it all but also being conservative. More like showing a little bit of skin but not in a way that is trashy.

 See more pictures and outfit details below.. Stay Stylish...

            OUTFIT DETAILS
HAT: Forever 21 
Choker : Palais Royale
Sports bra: Ahhh Bra 
Lace dress: Light in the box 
Shoes : Christian Louboutin

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