Hello loves, how have you all been?. Bet great. In today's post I will be sharing this   Nude or beige outfit depending on what Color you want to call it ..Hahahaha. 

It's spring right, and everything should be colorful and pretty. But here's my take on going neutral this season and still loling amazing. 

I purchased this Coord set on boohoo online website. I decided to go a little monochromatic with this look, by pairing this look with a just fab nude and black pair of shoes. The retro sunglasses also gives it a bit of edginess. 

For this look I was going for an almost high fashion look so I decided to change my hairstyle to the short firinge. The split sides of the top also gives it a different look. This outfit can be worn to any event maybe not a wedding. However, I always say that it depends on how you carry yourself in an outfit. 

I hope you like this post and get outfit inspiration. Stay stylish. See more pictures and outfit details below. 

Outfit Details 
Top and bottom: Boohoo
Shoes: Just fab online 
Sunglasses: Borlington coat factory 

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