I always imagine how each outfit will look before I decide to go for a photoshoot. A lot of mental research goes into piecing an outfit together. 

First, I get inspiration from different sources, envision the look and decide to piece it together to see if it will look good together. 

I've been thinking of ways to style prints and mix colors as well as pattern as I've found that to be one of the aspects that I have not really played around with. 

Hence, this look was born out of the thought of working with prints and seeing how they will look eventually. 

Can you see how the block prints on the top is white and the print on the skater skirt is black ? This will serving as a great transition so that everything does not look like a hot mess! Lol.

I paired this look with my current favorite ankle boots and a panty hose to act as another layer to protect my skin from the cold. Btw, did you notice my big hair? Lol I finally decide to go big and not go home  *sticks tongue out*.

I hope this post inspired you to mix more prints and patterns. Stay stylish! 

See more pictures and outfit details below. 

Outfit Details
Top: Ross
Boots: Newlook fashion 
Skirt: Ross
Bag : Dkny

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