Happy hump day loves! Its the mid week already and I'm currently going through a tad lot, mentally. I think I might have hurt someone close to me. I think I lost them even as my friend but life's more complicated than it seems. 

beret trend

Sometimes we want to eat our cake and have it but it isn't possible every time especially when there's so many things involved like a vacuum that needs to be filled and even as time passes you are unable to predict the future and you make certain decisions that don't necessarily favor your heart, but there comes a time where tough decisions need to be made. I'm sorry, it seems a little selfish of you and I but its what's best for us.

fall outfit

gray outfit

In todays post I've styled this gorgeous  fall inspired outfit. First of all, I love gray as a color especially in the Fall or Winter season. It works perfectly and the minimalist tone is every thing to me. I love being able to style pieces that are meaningful, realistic, eccentrics and chic (sheek). Although I have been told that the eccentric part of me outshines for the most part (lol).



Lets talk about this outfit, I have paired this white lace up sleeve sweater/ jumper with this gorgeous frill waist gray culottes. Honestly, my first thought was this was definitely a miss. I didn't really like the fitting of this culottes at first. I thought it was a little too tight around the camel toe. But there was a reason I ordered them right ?. I love the frill wait very unique, it also comes with a belt which can be tied into a bow.

I went ahead and paired it with my metallic boots. One trend I am constantly loving every fall is the metallic skirt, boots, purse, jacket. I cant wait to jump on the glitter trend. This metallic boots worked well with the look. Perfect for outings and perfect for all occasions. Before I proceed lets discuss the issue of blogging and planning.


"He who fails to plan, plans to fail” a saying that I totally go by. I love the fact that I am able to think something or have an idea and it works as I envision. Have you ever thought about blogging ( especially fashion blogging) and had the mindset of how did she create such an outstanding look?. You still don't understand how planning and blogging work hand in hand. 

Some might say or she recreated a look in that magazine others may say she totally made the look come to life from her imagination. That's me, that's how I create looks to inspire you. I take a piece and work around it to make the look my own.

The beret trend is another trend I'm here for this season. I had seen the trend before Fall, but I also was a bit sckeptical. I must say I love it. It's a trend that I'm going to be incorporating in most of my looks this season.

Oh wait! Let's take a moment to talk about this gorgeous pair of metallic booties from just fab, very comfy at least to an extent. I could wear this for 5 hours and Ild be fine, then again your threshold and mine are totally different. This boots work with anything. Love them. 

Back to our talk, Whenever you decide to create a post, do you out of the blues think of something and get to work? Or do you have an idea and nurture it, till it becomes a reality ?. 
I basically envision my posts, outfits even my shots for each pictures. Yes I work with a photographer, how ever I know what shot works with which outfit. I totally love been able to own my shoot in a way that it encourages the photographer to do better. 

You could never go wrong with planning everything, even babies are planned (at least sometimes) this should be some kind of motivation. Yes, blogging and planning work hand in hand.

So if you ever think for a moment that blogging is as easy as abc, you most likely are doing everything wrong. Blogging involves planning and dedication. If you do not plan (no matter what kind of blog it is ) you will not get the desired outcome. I will be sharing tips on how to plan a blog post or even and outfit in my next post. 

             Thank you for stopping by as always!! 

                     Outfit Detials 
Jumper : SHEIN
Cullote: SHEIN
Booties: Just Fab
Beret: Forever21 
Purse: Ross 

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